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    I'm back after another extended delay with a huge list of new stuff and restocks that are swelling over the shelves here at C-Blast, lots of mind-bending metal and avant-death weirdness, vinyl slabs of outre hardcore punk and blistering power electronics assaults, a HUGE stack of horror soundtracks both recent and brand new, lots of stuff from labels like Flenser and Husk and Hell Comes Home and Parasitic. Not even sure where to start. Probably the best place would be with the new album from Isolator, Culture & Principal Of Anti-Human Exaltation , which is what I've singled out as my pick for this weel's new arrivals list; you guys know how much I love the blackest, most evil-sounding extremes of industrial music, right? This one delivers that sound in a big way, a sprawling, nightmarish din of demonic screams and blackened ambient rumble, crushing doom-laden drums lumbering through the ash-choked atmopshere, the whole sound having this entropic feel, as if the music itself is rotting away as you're listening to it. And it's incredibly heavy, which isn't surprising seeing as how the guys behind this project are also involved with death and black metal bands Father Befouled, Encoffination and Set. This album's the best wallow in sonic evil I've had all summer - anyone into the heaviest strains of death industrial and bands like Gnaw Their Tongues, Deathstench and T.O.M.B. should check this out.

    I also have a couple of new releases out on the Crucial Blaze imprint: first is a limited-edition CD from UK noise artist Hal Hutchinson, also of Pollutive Static; under his own name, Hutchinson has been recording and releasing some of the most interesting "junk metal" material I've heard in ages, his heavily layered aesthetic creating these cathartic noisescapes filled with the sounds of crashing, banging, scraping metal that sounds like a machine shop stuck in a state of eternal collapse, the sounds of metal forming into a kind of grating symphony of noise. Definitely something I'd only recommended to fans of that particular "scrap metal" aesthetic and like-minded noise artists like K2 and Alan Bloor/Knurl. If you're into this sort of acoustic "industrial" sound, though, this guy's producing some fantastic stuff, and his latest disc Wreckage Installations has over an hour of this pandemonium, presented in an edition of four hundred copies with prints of corroded machinery taken by Hutchinson that I assume consist of at least some of the stuff that was used to create this.
    There's also a pair of art zines that were issued this week under the Blaze imprint: there's Dans L'oeil Du Mort , an art zine featuring the work of INDUSTRIE CHIMÈRE NOIRE, the French Canadian artist who has produced some fantastic imagery for bands like PORTAL and FISTULA; this zine collects a variety of his work both new and old, including some stuff that appears here for the first time, and it's all great eye-candy for anyone into his surrealistic, demonic visions. The other one is Vomitous Mass, a thick collection of artwork from Cody Drasser, who has been playing in a variety of death metal and experimental projects over the past few decades; focusing heavily on his 90's era death metal artwork, this art zine showcases work that ranges from crude, death metal demo-style abominations to more intricate drawings, nightmarish collage art, and more. I've been a fan of this guy's artwork after stumbling across an online repository for his work a while back, and I'd been wanting to document this stuff in physical form ever since.

Here's a rundown of the other new releases and re-stocks that are also on this week's list:

- the recent new album of lady-fronted ultra-heavy doom metal from WOUNDED KINGS, Consolamentum
- the latest album from WRECK & REFERENCE Want, further exploring their unique amalgam of black metal, goth, industrial and doom
- a skull-shredding EP of filthy, noise-damaged black sludge from WRETCHED WORST titled Funeral Burning
- the debut album from Nashville crushers YAUTJA, Songs Of Descent, which combines noisy Am Rep-style bludgeon with brutal grind
- restocks of the recent vinyl reissues of YOB's The Great Cessation and OM's Pilgrimage from Southern Lord
- two CD releases of crusty and surprisingly catchy Japanese black metal from YVONXHE
- a new 7" of ripping thrash metal from ZATH, the Chicago band featuring members of psych rock / industrial outfits OAKEATER, CAVE, COUGHS and OOZING WOUND
- a new single-sided etched 12" from Italian jazz-core/math metal crushers ZU, featuring guest appearances from members of NAPALM DEATH and THE LOCUST
- Visitor, the first album in nearly twenty years of grim industrial dub from SIMM, like an even more nightmarish Scorn
- a new 7" / DVDR set titled Window Hammer from experimental noisecore trio SISSY SPACEK
- the recent new full length of dark arctic ambient from SKORNEG
- a new 7" of vicious Holy Terror-influenced apocalyptic hardcore from SON OF MAN
- the limited edition vinyl for STARGAZER's progressive death opus A Great Work Of Ages / A Work Of Great Ages
- STATION DYSTHYMIA's impressive latest album of atmopsheric, progressive deathdoom Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out
- a handful of bleak, soul-rotting industrial cassettes from the obscure Italian label Diazepam featuring the likes of SHIVER, DEPRIVATION, HEXEN, WAILING OF THE WINDS and ECOUTE LA MERDE
- the new album from ghastly industrial drift and extoplasmic ambience from NYC duo A MURDER OF ANGELS, Before Your Eyes
- the recent reissue of the long out of print album Intercourse & Lust from sex-crazed Japanese blackthrash maniacs ABIGAIL
- the latest album from Greek blackened prog-metallers AENAON, Extance, delivering more of their crushing blackened mathy heaviness
- a bunch of 7"s from the Hell Comes Home series, featuring splits from AKANAME, COFFINWORM, LESBIAN'S FUNGAL ABYSS, BLACK SUN, PYRAMIDO, FISTULA, DUKATALON, SUMA, ULTRAPHALLUS, RITES, UNION OF SLEEP, DEAD ELEPHANTS, BURNING LOVE, DEPHOSPHORUS, RABBITS, THROAT, GREAT FALLS, FIGHT AMP, all packaged in sleeves adorned in striking mutant insect artwork
- the debut full length from atmopsheric Nashville black metallers ALRAUN, The Process Of Self-Immolation
- the new cassette edition of the crushing ANEMONE TUBE / DISSECTING TABLE split album This Dismal World
- the latest 12" of ripping black metal/sludge from ARGENTINUM ASTRUM, and a restock of their super-limited second CD
- a recent vinyl release of Labyrinth Constellation, the amazing debut from interplanetary prog-death wizards ARTIFICIAL BRAIN
- L'Etre Et La Nausee, the latest sprawling double disc album from impassioned French doomdeath masters ATARAXIE
- the killer CD edition of THE ATLAS MOTH's latest album of sludgy prog metal The Old Believer with its wild album art design
- the new disc of chaotic technical death metal from Mitochondrion offshoot AUROCH
- the bewitching debut album from BARREN HARVEST, the neo-folk/kosmische duo of Lenny Smith (Atriarch/Trees) and Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros)
- the debut album of eccentric death-thrash from Japanese blast warriors BASILISK
- a couple of long out-of-print Bastard Noise records from the early 90s, including splits with BIZARRE UPROAR and AUNT MARY...
- ...as well as some newer records from the mighty BASTARD NOISE, paired up with the likes of GUILTY CONNECTOR and WITCHES OF MALIBU (ex-Hunting Lodge)
- ...and a reissue of the classic 1992 MAN IS THE BASTARD 7" Backwards Species, classic mutant powerviolence
- recent 7" releases on the extreme speedcore/breakcore label Omega Warfare from DJ SKULL VOMIT / LADYSCRAPER, COMPANY FUCK / SANTISIMA VIRGEN MARIA and PENTADRVG / YUDLUGAR
- the brain-scrambling debut EP of ultra-complex confusional tech-death Mustma Dorcheme from Japan's BLEEDEAD
- new ultra-limited lathe cuts from Midwestern harsh noise wall artist BOAR and Boar-side project I WATCHED YOU DIE
- a restock of the recent collaboration from avant sludge metallers THE BODY and UK electro-creeper HAXAN CLOAK, I Shall Die Here
- a restock of the crushing 2010 Live At Roadburn album from British psychedelic sludgelords BONG
- the stunning new vinyl reissue of SIMON BOSWELL's fearsome score to Richard Stanley's visionary 1990 cyberpunk nightmare Hardware
- a new LP edition of BOTANIST's III: Doom In Bloom as well as a restock of the origina 2xCD release
- album number two of jet-black space rock oblivion from the amazing new Brainbombs offshoot BREMEN
- a new 7" from frenzied blackened hardcore fiend BROKEN CROSS, with more of his evil GISM-meets-VENOM insanity
- a cassette only final release from Kentucky psychedelic noise rock outfit CADAVER IN DRAG, featuring Josh Lay of GLASS COFFIN
- the eye-popping new Death Waltz vinyl reissue of Fabio Frizzi's fantastic score to Fulci's surrealistic splatterfest City Of The Living Dead...
- ...as well as a bunch of recent horror/exploitation soundtracks from Death Waltz back in stock, including the scores for JOHN CARPENTER's The Fog, ROB's Maniac, JOE DELIA's Ms. 45, RALPH JONES's Slumber Party Massacre, HARRY ROBINSON's Twins Of Evil and SUSAN JUSTIN's Forbidden World
- as well as the new deluxe reissue of ROBERTO DONATI's score to the cannibal chunkblower classic Cannibal Ferox
- the recent new album of dank pirate-themed death metal horror from Australian cave crawlers CAULDRON BLACK RAM (featuring members of MOURNFUL CONGREGATION)
- a recent 7" of rambling jailhouse folk from CHARLES MANSON with liners from Nikolas Schreck, released by black/death imprint Parasitic
- deluxe new CD reissues of the classic early albums In The Glare Of Burning Churches and The Celtic Winter from Polish black metallers GRAVELAND
- recent tape releases from Carbon Records featuring the heavy free-rock sludge of RASH and the raw hypno-sludge trances of CHILLUM
- the Season Of Mist CD reissues of the classic early CHRISTIAN DEATH albums Ashes and Catastrophe Ballet...
- ...and a recent Record Store Day release of a limited two-song 7" from death rockers CHRISTIAN DEATH, The Edward Colver Edition
- new vinyl reissues of GOBLIN's classic horror-prog soundtracks to Suspiria and Zombi (Dawn Of The Dead)
- an all-too-brief debut from CLAY RENDERING, Waters Above The Firmament, Mike Connelly's (WOLF EYES / HAIR POLICE) new dark industrial/dreampop duo with wife Tara
- a restock of crucial blackened death discs including CONQUEROR's War Cult Supremacy and REVENGE's Attack.Blood.Revenge
- the stunning apocalyptic power electronics/industrial darkness of CREMATION LILY's new LP Fires Frame The Silhouette
- a CD reissue of the amazingly bonkers early 80s Mexican speed metal rock opera Kuman from CRISTAL Y ACERO
- a new LP from Claudio Simonetti's heavy metal/prog side project DAEMONIA performing the score to Zombi / Dawn Of The Dead
- the latest album of dreamy, dolorous deathdoom from DARKFLIGHT, like some strange mix of Alcest and Thergothon
- the latest album of crushing, atmopsheric occult death metal from Greece's DEAD CONGREGATION, Promulgation Of The Fall
- the blazing epic black metal melodies and violent grindcore tempos of DEAD IN THE MANGER's Transience 12"
- restocks of the NED vinyl reissues of DEATHSPELL OMEGA's Drought and Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice
- the debut album from Lithuanian "blackgaze" outfit DEVLSY, who sort of resemble a killer cross between the emo-core of ENVY and depressive black metal
- vinyl releases of both the brand new four-song comeback from industrial metal legends GODFLESH, and a 2xLP reissue of their classic album Pure
- recent vinyl and cassette releases from the strange Spanish experimental black metal band EMANATION, who resembles a more furious, noisy ALUK TODOLO
- a super-limited cassette of murky, gorgeous low-fi ambient black metal from one man UK band EPOCH.OF.STARS
- a staggering triple LP vinyl edition of ESOTERIC's 2008 psychedelic deathdoom epic The Maniacal Vale
- tape and CDR versions of the debut EP from Seattle operatic prog-crust weirdos EYE OF NIX
- some cool death rock influenced blackened weirdness on FATALISM's Mystery Of Death EP
- restock of the latest album from Japanese grindcore outfit FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION
- a big haul of old and new vinyl from former SKULLFLOWER axeman STEFAN JAWORZYN, incl his new Drained Of Connotation and Principles Of Inertia LPs
- the new ripping new 7" of psychotic noise-damaged hardcore punk from Aussie maniacs FLESH WORLD, Planned Obsolescence
- a restock of the new FLOOR comeback album Oblation on CD/LP/CS, and their brand new sludgepop blast Homegoings And Transitions / Shadowline on 12"
- the recent zodiac-themed EP of psych-tinged hardcore punk from Toronto's FUCKED UP, Year Of The Dragon
- FUNERAL MOTH's latest album of immense atmopsheric Japanese deathdoom Dense Fog, from former COFFINS members
- the sprawling new triple-disc from Japanese jet-black improv masters FUSHITSUSHA teaming up with free-jazz legend Peter Brotzmann
- the debut 12" from avant-death metal duo GERYON, featuring members of Krallice belting out some twisted Gorgutsian heaviness
- the ripping RSD limited 10" from thrash metallers GHOUL, Hang Ten, featuring their crazed mix of surf/garage rock and pummeling thrash
- the recent split 12" featuring low-fi black metal mutants GLASS COFFIN and HARASSOR, and a restock of GLASS COFFIN's 12" on Prison Tatt
- a recent CD featuring a collaboration between black industrial/noise/doom outfits GNAW THEIR TONGUES and ALKERDEEL, Dyodyo Asema
- a restock of the blazing final album from ex-Discordance Axis grindcore unit GRIDLINK, Longhena, on vinyl and CD
- the latest album of bizarre, nightmarish sound/noise collage from GUILTY CONNECTOR side project GRIM TALKERS
- more mesmeric, noisy black metal weirdness from L'ACEPHALE on their new Decollate cassette and their older Book Of Lies 7"
- the new album from HARDCORE ANAL HYDROGEN, Talas Of Satan, spewing their brand of insane Naked City-esque blastprog
- a restock of the now out of print vinyl reissue of JOHN HARRISON's classic score to Romero's Creepshow
- Nightfall, the latest album of majestic, time-stopping funeral doom from THE HOWLING VOID
- Seriés Aphonos's beautiful new LP release of KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA's (Rosemary's Baby) lyrical score to another Polanski horror film, Dance Of The Vampires
- a disgustingly abrasive split cassette featuring the bizarre dissonant black metal of JUTE GYTE paired up with the brain-damaged black doom horror of VENOWL
- the debut album from heavy duty UK doom metallers LIMB, who deliver total riff-city with their eponymous first album
- a new 3" CDR of dark improv/industrial from LOCI titled Around The Edges Of All
- the newest album of treble-overloaded experimental black metal fury from MALKUTH, Hathir Sakta
- a new repress of The Coast Explodes from psych heavies MAMMATUS, now with digital download code
- some of the last copies ever of the recent vinyl reissue of My Fruit Psychobells, the 1999 debut from avant garde death metallers MAUDLIN OF THE WELL
- Esoteric Warfare, the new album of discordant evil and ever-experimental black metal mastery from Norwegian legends MAYHEM
- a killer split 7" featuring the desperate off-kilter black metal of Ukraine's MOLOCH, and more crude low-fi necro-vengeance from GLASS COFFIN
- and a new Japanese CD release from Ukrainian black metal miserablist MOLOCH, Gebrechlichkeit, that collects various rare recordings from the band's career
- a reissue of the 2007 album Radiance Of Shadows from fuzzed-out shoegazer-doom duo NADJA
- more face-ripping powerviolence via new 7"s from NO COMMENT and SEX PRISONER
- a bunch of killer nocturnal psych albums on Japanese label Musik Atlach from KEIKO HIGUCHI/CRIS X, MAJUTSU NO NIWA, and SACHIKO & FUKUOKA RINJI
- a recent split 7" from cult prog/industrial outfit NOVY SVET and Goblin-influenced C-Blast faves SPETTRO FAMILY
- the new LP The Algea from NRIII, moving away from the projects bizarro black industrial origins into an equally bizarre occult industrial sound
- crushing noise rock/hyperfast hardcore punk mayhem from NUDES and their new Stain 7"
- a restock of the latest disc from John Zorn and Bill Laswell's longrunning dub/hardcore/improv outfit PAINKILLER, here playing with Tatsuya Yoshida of RUINS
- the latest issue (#4) from Lasse Marhaug's Norwegian experimental music magazine PERSONAL BEST
- Desideratum, the new album of gorgeous drone-n'-noise drenched gloompop from PLANNING FOR BURIAL
- new cassette releases of Swarth and Vexovoid from Australian avant garde death metallers PORTAL
- a rare split CD featuring improv-black metal creeps SMOKE teaming up with the raw black metal of Germany's PROSATANOS
- the punishing split 7" featuring punk-fueled war metallers RADIOACTIVE VOMIT and avant-powerviolence killsquad COLUMN OF HEAVEN
- the debut 7" of atmopsheric blackened doomdeath from RITUAAL, featuring members of Encoffination / Father Befouled / Mourner
- a 7" reissue of the ultra-heavy demo from sludge metallers RUINE
- another split 7" featuring noisegrinders SETE STAR SEPT, here teamed with cult 90's noisecore weirdo NUT SCREAMER
- a killer 12" debut from UK deathrock throwbacks SHALLOW SANCTION, delivering some grim Rudimentary Peni-esque aggression
- the recent vinyl reissue of SHINING's 2002 ode to self-destruction III: Angst, out from Peaceville
- a double CD reissue of out of print albums from the other Shining, the jazzy metallic prog outfit behind Grindstone and In The Kingdom Of Kitsch
- a new 7" featuring the long-lost early 90s recordings from Boston thrash extremists SIEGE, with Seth Putnam (ANAL CUNT) on vocals
- a new CD release (and a restock of the LP edition) of SUTEKH HEXEN's sprawling black noise epic Monument Of Decay
- the primitive punk-tinged blackened violence of TARE's Ritual Degradation
- the new album from Australian dark ambient master TERRA SANCTA, Exile, featuring more of his sweeping apocalyptic dronescapes
- a restock of the second issue of European power electronics / industrial / noise zine TERROR
- the latest CD release from death industrialist TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Perfection & Permanence, featuring some of his best material yet
- more crushing retardo sludge rock from Rochester knuckle-draggers TUURD, blending together mathy riffage, bone-rattling low-end and some perniciously poppy hooks
- the one and only album of nihilistic death industrial from U-731, By All Means
- the latest edition of ULVER's classic debut album of Norwegian black metal, Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler
- some of the last copies of this bangin' 12" of horror-disco remixes from UMBERTO, Temple Room
- the newest album of atmospheric old-school death metal from VANHELGD, Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
- some excavated copies of the long out-of-print Negative Approach tribute 7" Reproach, featuring Spazz, Man Is The Bastard and more
- the new CD edition of VILLAINS's latest album of transgressive, lusty black thrash, Never Abandon The Slut Train
- the newest album of slow-motion misery from WALK THROUGH FIRE, Hope Is Misery, featuring their most elegantly depressing doom to date
- a reissue of the classic album of proggy surrealism Black White & Grey by WHEN, a noted influence on the early Norwegian black metal scene
- a restock of Totem, the latest album of deranged, ultra-distorted noise rock from NYC's WHITE SUNS
- a restock of the crushing live album on Small Doses from Australian doom metal extremists WHITEHORSE
- the long-awaited new album from WIJLEN WIJ Coronachs that slips further into their unique delirium of funeral doom and prog rock
- Postsocial, the latest album from black noise masters WOLD that has some of their most aggressive stuff in years
- the latest album from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Celestite that sees the avant black metallers going full-on Tangerine Dream

As always, we have a lot for you to check out, much more mutant extreme music and misanthropic art to be found on our shelves and in our bins...keep reading below to check out all of the strange and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list.

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ISOLATOR   Culture and Principal of Anti-Human Exaltation   CD   (Black Plagve)    10.99

    Self-described as "anti-human death musick", Isolator's Culture and Principal of Anti-Human Exaltation is the debut album from this new duo made up of members of death/black metal outfits Set, Encoffination and Father Befouled, their first for black industrial imprint Black Plagve. The band's collective CV only hints at how massive this album is, though, and out of all of the black/death industrial albums I've been abusing myself with lately, this might just be the most unsettling, a noxious yet mesmerizing slab of abyssal ambience and black noise horror that fully envelops you within its monstrous mass of murky midnight ambience, unfurling vast fields of muffled orchestral drift, surges of grim soundtracky synthesizer drone, and ghastly industrial rumble that often slips into some seriously heavy fields of low-end black crush.
    The five tracks that comprise Culture sprawl out for nearly an hour, each one unfolding into a delirium of growling, heavily distorted bass drones and doom-laden metallic murk, blasts of ultra-heavy sound that bloom into almost Sunn 0)))-like waves of blackened tectonic rumble. That subterranean drift is threaded with soft glimmering veins of synthlike feedback and haunting melodious drift, but alongside those vague glimpses of eerie prettiness are infestations of demonic mutterings and barely audible whispers that slip in and out of perception, evil voices adrift in the duo's dense churning sea of blackened sound. Those slow eruptions of crushing low-end heaviness continue throughout the album, continuing to echo the molten drone-metal of Sunn 0))) or Black Boned Angel when they're at their heaviest, but that downtuned rumble is slowed down to an even more torturous crawl, draped in a filthy worm-eaten blanket of distressed classical music that has been deformed and stretched and broken down into a nightmarish blown-out din. All of this stuff is buried way down in the depths of Isolator's suffocating stygian fog, joined with swells of diffused, distorted choral-like sound drifting up in ash-black plumes. These guys definitely share some of the same DNA as some of the more orchestral-tinged black ambient outfits that have previously appeared on Malignant, but this is much more malevolent and abrasive and most of all heavy as hell. On tracks like the monolithic "Mankind Shall Reap The Mistakes God Hath Sown" and "Your Heaven Will Writhe Within The Chaos Of My Hell", Isolator's sound also almost seems to suggest a Satanic version of Tim Hecker's fuzzed-out, gorgeously hazy dronescapes, shades of grim gothic majesty warped and buried beneath an ocean of swirling soft distortion and hiss. That roiling black cloudscape of rumbling noise is shattered by the recurring roar of some vast metallic heaviness blasting through the abyss, spreading out beneath far-flung fields of kosmische glow and pulsating synthesizer drones hovering in space, drifting into stretches of soundtracky, almost Carpenterian dread, while the likes of "Carrion For The Feasts Of Angels" blend those hellish groans and screams with the glacial churn of black noise that resembles a Demonologists track stretched out into an agonizing blast of hateful slow-motion blackness.
    Awesomely nightmarish, Culture And Principle is exactly what I'd want to hear from a band of death metallers developing their own version of death industrial. The whole album is one long plunge into total sonic corruption, like a time-lapsed doomscape of rust and decay amplified to deafening power, the atmosphere sickeningly heavy and oppressive, especially towards the very end of the album as the sound of drums slowly enter into the fray, a punishing slow-motion grind like that of some funeral doom drummer unwittingly dropped into the middle of a maelstrom of swirling blackened drone, surrounded by ghastly gasping death metal-like rasps, everything blanketed beneath a heavy layer of black rot. A new level of heaviness from the Black Plagve camp. Comes in an eight panel digipack, limited to five hundred copies.
Track Samples:
Sample : Mankind Shall Reap The Mistakes God Hath Sown
Sample : Into The Blood Of Our Kingdom
Sample : Carrion For The Feasts Of Angels



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