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Greetings to all you record collectors, necro-addicts, noise fiends and sonic weirdos - I hope you're comfortably navigating the onset of winter and the slow ongoing collapse of Western civilization. We've got some terrific new releases and older obscurities on this week's new arrivals list to help feed your ears as the days continue to dim.

The featured release on this week's new releases list is the latest from American doomdeath duo Encoffination, III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs); while the album has received its share of criticism from some reviewers for its shambling, deadzone ambience and perceived lack of cohesive riffs, I just can't stop listening to this goddamn disc. I can't think of any other recent album that has managed to create an atmosphere of rot and ruin quite like this, and it seems as if the band's sound has putrefied considerably since their last album, evolving into a kind of rumbling mortuary murk. The closest anyone has come to this in recent memory was Grave Upheaval's self-titled debut from last year, though the sounds are quite different from one another. Polluting their crawling, corrupted heaviness with warped demonic choirs, morbid funerary pipe organs and emaciated guitar melodies, the duo of Elektrokutioner and Ghoat succeed in their goal of creating a ritualistic death-meditation with III, producing an intensely oppressive album of unique droning doom/death that I ended up having to post as this week's featured new release.

Also of note on this new arrivals list is a new Crucial Blast release, the new CD release of Emit's Spectre Music Of An Antiquary, the first new release from this long running UK black/noise/ambient outfit in years, delivering a haunting mixture of creepy Abruptumesque weirdness, creeping synthesizers straight out of a Fabio Frizzi score, and eerie field recordings that capture glimpses of an unseen shadow-world. This release features all of the material that had appeared on the previous cassette release that came out on Glorious North, but also includes additional, all-new material exclusive to this release.

And as always, there's an immense list of new additions to the shop. For you underground metal zine addicts, we've got another hefty new issue of The Convivial Hermit (#7), one of the best black metal/neo-folk/experimental music magazines being published right now in the US - along with that latest issue, we also have restocks of a number of previous issues of Hermit, all highly recommended for anyone obsessed with the undercurrents of the black metal underground.

There's been a lot more death metal filling the C-Blast office than usual this Fall, thanks to a bunch of recent reissues from some of our all-time favorite avant-death bands: first and foremost, the three LP series of demo reissues from legendary death metal visionaries Gorguts has absolutely dominated the turntable over the past few weeks, each record an attractively designed piece featuring demo material that leads all the way up to Gorguts's classic Obscura; we also finally got the new double disc collection from Finnish death metal weirdos Demilich in stock, a recent cassette release featuring the murky, nightmarish death metal of Ritual Chamber, another project from Numinas (Krohm, Vetus Obscurum, Infester, Evoken), and both LP, CD and tape versions of Nightfell's killer recent album of atmospheric deathcrust, Living Ever Mourn.

As usual, we've picked up a swarm of killer avant/offbeat black metal releases for your perusal, ranging from the progressive blackened sounds of Epitimia and Katatonia side-project Diabolical Masquerade, to the folk-flecked depressive doom of Bann's now out-of-print Antiochia EP, the ultra low-fi mausoleum anthems of Black Cilice's Summoning The Night, and the pagan no-fi violence of Equinox's Of Blade And Graal cassette. We now have the stunning new album from Nuclearhammer in stock, Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer, a double LP of violent black/death chaos laced with morbid electronic pulsations, as well as restocks of Wyqm's ripping black n' roll EP Negative Of The Mountain and the experimental darkness of Wyqm's split LP with Ukrainian loner Moloch; there's a pair of new split 7"s featuring USBM legend Krieg, one teamed up with recent tour mates Wolvhammer, the other paired up with another legend of American black metal, Leviathan; there's the recent new LP of mutant punk-fueled black metal violence from Harassor, Into Unknown Depths, and another recent offering of exquisite blackened misery from Vardan, Enjoy Of Deep Sadness; we've got the new LP reissue of the first demo from Harvest Gulgaltha, showcasing the band's doom-laden brand of chaotic black metal, and the new Carnal Altar cassette from bestial black-thrash weirdo Jhesu Masturbator, featuring the maniacal mind behind Lucifers Foreskin; and even more avant blackened heaviness from French "dodecatonic black metallers" Void Paradigm, the synth-drenched cosmic black doom of Trube's Zone Of Alienation, and a restock of the ripping split CD between blackened hardcore duo Ives and demented necro-jazz dronebeasts Amort. We've got recent new albums from San Fran avant black metal oddballs Mamaleek (He Never Said A Mumblin Word) and the depressive black metal project Mortualia featuring members of Horna (Blood Of The Hermit), along with some terrific recent releases from Ajna Offensive, Mortuus's long awaited new album of philosophical black metal Grape Of The Vine and the various versions of Reverorum Ib Malacht's hallucinatory De Mysteriis Dom Christi released on CD and cassette.

Did I mention that it's Nondor Nevai week here at the Blast? We've raided the vault at Nevai's black fortress and returned with seven different vinyl records from this blast-prog maniac's back catalog; all issued in small runs of just a couple hundred copies each, we now stock everything from the blistering avant noisecore of his M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G. outfit and the bestial experimental blurr of Nekrocidal Killdeath to the extreme No Wave pandemonium of the DMT Rok + Sonata "The Arrested", the blackened gothic blast of Overshadower Kommand's Three Tocattas... (Or) Kolder Than Heaven, the heavy Beefheartian delirium of Nayk'd Ayres, and the "klassikill" horror of Nevai_Nonet's String Oktet In A. All brilliant blasts of outsider delirium, and all completely insane.

From the industrial side, we've got some seriously heavy new offerings from the likes of Gnawed, the Midwestern death industrialist returning with new album Feign And Cloak that continues to explore a grueling, heavily distorted vision of mechanical horror; and a real rarity that we scored from one of our European suppliers, the long out-of-print album Graveyard Disturbances from Enoch, the horror-synth duo of Killjoy (Necrophagia) and Mirai (Sigh) that sees these underground metal legends producing their own warped version of the sort of vintage Italian horror electronic soundtracks pioneered by Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Frizzi. We also have the new LP reissue of Alberich's monstrous industrial techno/power electronics manifesto NATO-Uniformen, and Bacchanal's bizarre Satanic electro-industrial ritual Purity Through Darkness; a crushing split Lp featuring Japanese industrial legend Dissecting Table paired with the Portuguese tribal/industrial/sludge duo Sektor 304; and even more Sektor 304, via a pair of CD releases that the band recently put out through their own New Approach imprint, Communiphones and Live Reaction. There's a number of other recent new offerings from the always-great Malignant Records as well, including the latest album Closure from one of the best Swedish death industrial outfits in existence, IRM; the debut album Starving The Fires from the blackened noise group Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead; and a new CD reissue of the stunning collaboration between NYC death-synth master Theologian and Finnish industrialists Strom.EC, Hubrizine. We also have extremely limited quantities of the two recent LP reissues of 80s-era material from the cult Japanese industrial project Nord, LSD and NG Tapes, both fantastic exercises in Bianchi-level industrial desolation.

Doom addicts will want to check out the three new vinyl reissues from UK deathdoom legends My Dying Bride that Peaceville recently released, heavyweight gatefold editions of The Dreadful Hours, The Light At The End Of The World and the band's late-90's experimental doom opus 34.788 Complete, as well as a vinyl release of All Is Sorrow from Bay Area band Catapult The Dead, delivering this newer band's interesting mix of apocalyptic sludge and atmospheric organ. Even more abrasive are new releases from some of the best names in noise rock, starting with the phenomenal new album from legends Today Is The Day, Animal Mother, easily the best thing the band has done in years, and continuing through the latest LP from Unsane offshoot Cutthroats 9, Dissent, a seriously heavy slab of blues-damaged sludge rock. We also have new stuff from newer bands like Drunk Dad and their pissed-off Pacific Northwest style slugfest Ripper Killer, a restock of the self-titled debut from drum/bass duo Zeus! that introduced us to their crazed Italian prog/noise rock, a recent LP from Brainbombs-worshipping outfit Nearly Dead that may be one of the vilest records on this week's list, some mean-spirited hardcore/pigfuck violence from Deep Creeps's self-titled cassette, and The Swan King's new album Last So Long featuring more of the Chicago band's brand of sludgy post-hardcore.

The machines have belched forth some great new stuff from the blackened industrial zone, too: there's a cool new album from experimental Polish black metallers Beyond Life, Blackened Sky, and a self-titled tape from Midwestern black industrial project Shadowmass; a restock of Hypsiphrone's And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes CD that delivers a horrific Gnaw Their Tongues-esque racket, and the new, long-awaited album Ascending The Solarthrone from avant black/industrial/ambient duo Empire Auriga that is easily the most gorgeous thing I've ever heard on Moribund. And there's more stuff from industrial metal gods Godflesh, as well as a killer new vinyl reissue of early recordings from the cult Bay Area industro-sludge outfit Depressor...

And there's all kinds of other great new stuff we've gotten in, from the a trio of recent discs from UK speedcore demon Yudlugar that include mini-album Vhemt and the collaborative albums with NUH and Sadistic Hate, to the latest album of Teutonic prog-thrash from the mighty Mekong Delta; crushing dark psych albums from Bong side-project Haikai No Ku (Ultra High Dimensionality), the grimy krautrock-influenced acid punk of Joules's self-titled cassette and the latest album taste My Sword Of Understanding from Finnish avant drone metallers Opium Warlords; and a pair of recent releases from Japanese noisegrind duo Sete Star Sept that will rip your face off, one a split 7" with Brazilian noise punks New York Against The Belzebu that is already sold out from the label, the other a 12" titled All Is Wrong that pairs up an out of print tape from a couple of years ago with a crazed "remix" that sounds like Derek Bailey gone noisecore...

As always, we have a lot for you to check out, much more mutant extreme music and misanthropic art to be found on our shelves and in our bins...keep reading below to check out all of the strange and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list.

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ENCOFFINATION   III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)   CD   (Selfmadegod)    11.98

    Man, if you though that the previous Encoffination albums were murky, wait till you hear this. While their previous two albums on Selfmadegod dived about as deep into the depths of doomdeath putrescence as you can get, the band's third full-length III – Hear Me, O’ Death sees the band's sound (a calculated mix of stately funeral doom-inspired dirge and the doom-laden death metal of Onward to Golgotha-era Incantation) decomposing into something even more grotesque and abrasive, spilling out across the album's hour-long run time like a pile of rotting viscera.
   The duo of Ghoat and Elektrokutioner (who also spend time in underground death/doom outfits Decrepitaph, Father Befouled, Rituaal, and a horde of other projects) seem to have gone for more of a rumbling, low-fi recording aesthetic this time around, and their creeping slow-motion death metal, which has always crawled somewhere around the nexus of Incantation's classic early 90s output and the glacial, heavily atmospheric heaviness of Australia's Disembowelment, here shambles into even filthier, more atonal forms. It's almost "ambient", at times sort of comparable to how Grave Upheaval transform their churning, ultra-murky death metal into vast abstract blastscapes, but Encoffination's music is much more abrasive and anguished, with III's eight songs slowing down to an almost nauseatingly abject crawl.
    After opening the album with one of the band's trademark death-ambient introductions, the sound of tolling church bells and voices rising in a ghastly hymn quickly gives way to the oppressive graveyard slime of "Charnel Bowels of a Putrescent Earth"; rumbling de-tuned guitars soften and break apart into layers of swarming rot, dissonant doom riffs become stretched and masticated into murky drones, while weird chanting voices lurk in the shadows like the murmurs of some twisted death-cult, and Ghoat's ghoulish gasp drifts like swamp gas over the soiled, deformed music.
    The fetid atmosphere of this album makes for one unsettling listening experience; the guitars are dissonant and deformed, Ghoat's riffs frequently slipping into a gut-churning atonality that's much more pronounced here compared to previous releases, the guitars layered like mouldering cerements over the shambling , misshapen momentum of the drums, at some points the discordance becoming so intense that it borders on the Gorgutsian. Some songs swell with spectral synthesizer and spacey effects, like the cosmic funerary crawl that opens up "Crowned Icons", smears of chilling kosmische psychedelia pushing through the band's bloated slo-mo crush, and throughout the disc the duo intersperse bits of desolate ambiance, mutant choral voices, and those putrid droning organs. Absolutely filthy, mesmeric death-worship, the mephitic atmosphere threatening to choke the air from every corner of this album, pushing this even further from the realm of riffs and musicality into a kind of putrefied ambiance, the sound softening and rotting away, melting down into an oily sonic soup. Listeners looking for something more structured and riff-based might well find Encoffination's latest too droning and inchoate, but I can't stop immersing myself in this album's blackly rapturous aura and adipocere-stained emanations.
Track Samples:
Sample : Rotting Immemorial
Sample : Movld of Abandonment
Sample : Charnel Bowels of a Pvtrescent Earth


UMBERTO   Temple Room   LP   (Not Not Fun)    18.98

Back in stock!
   This one is already out of print and we only nabbed a couple copies, so I'll try not to rave about this super-limited 12" from spook-synth revivalist Umberto for too long. Temple Room is one of the most recent releases from the increasingly popular Umberto, probably the only contemporary artist right now successfully driving a black spike through the intersection of John Carpenter's malevolent minimalism and the baroque, rotted aura of Fabio Frizzi. Out of all of the contemporary electronic artists currently revisiting the golden era of horror soundtracks and vintage synthesizer music, Umberto is one of my favorites, with a unique style that effortlessly synthesizes a number of influences; not just the aforementioned murky graveyard prog of Fabio Frizzi and pulsating minimalism of John Carpenter, but also the grandiose synthesizer arrangements of Claudio Simonetti and the malignant mesmerism of European disco, weaving these influences together into something that still sounds remarkably fresh, at least to my ears. While we're waiting on the follow-up to last year's excellent Confrontation, Umberto has slipped us this EP featuring two versions of the track "Temple Room" off the 2010 album Prophecy Of The Black Widow.
   The extended version of "Temple Room" that spreads across the a-side is a fourteen minute exploration into deep, dark Carpenterian synth-dread laced with gothic majesty. Eerie pipe organs drone beneath the vintage electronic melody and pulsating synths, ominous arpeggios looping over the shimmering black waves of chordal drift, slowly building in tension before the drums kick in and the whole thing suddenly erupts into an infectious evil disco groove, thumping midnight body music, a slick death-disco trance that stretches its hypnotic bass line across nearly the entire side - it's one of the most insidious dancefloor ready pieces of synthcreep I've heard from Umberto, catchy and creepy and utterly contagious.
    The b-side remix is a high-energy pounding Euro-disco delirium, washes of spacey synth and glimmering celestial electronic sweeping over the faster backbeat, distinct enough from the original to sound almost like an entirely different track, though there are some key elements from the original theme you can still make out beyond the swirl of astral drift and the more aggressive tempo, later slipping into an endless dark groove. Fucking fantastic, essential for anyone into the current synthwave fascination and retro-splatter synth scores coming from the likes of Robin Coudert, Zombi, Gatekeeper, Antoni Maiovvi, etc.


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