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      Some of the other new, recently released and newly added titles that are featured on this list include:

     ...a mightily impressive debut album from FREE SALAMANDER EXHIBIT, Undestroyed, featuring members of heavy prog faves SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM
     ...more neon-drenched, darkened synthwave from GOST and PERTURBATOR, including restocks/represses of some of their older works
     ...a restock of the CD and vinyl for MARK KORVEN's amazing and terrifying avant-garde score to last year's arthouse horror hit The VVitch
     ...a brand-new vinyl reissue of JOHN CAMERON's killer evil scuzz-psych score to the early 70s devil-biker classic Psychomania
     ...recent cassette reissues of the second and third albums from deathrock legends CHRISTIAN DEATH, Ashes and Catastrophe Ballet
     ...some killer new stuff from noisepunk label SPHC in the form of a rad new vinyl reissue of a 2008 EP from Japanese noisecore masters FINAL EXIT, and an LP of collected demos from Brazilian noisecore fiends NOISE
     ...a long-awaited vinyl reissue of PAINKILLER's Execution Ground, one of our favorite avant-jazzgrind monstrosities ever
     ...the recent split album between Cali noise terrorizers ACTUARY and black doom industrialists GNAW THEIR TONGUES on Black Horizons
     ...the latest album of sweeping, atmospheric black metal from ASH BORER, The Irrepassable Gate
     ...a clutch of crushing reissues (both CD and vinyl) out on Artoffact from pioneering power electronics/industrial/experimental sound outfit CONTROLLED BLEEDING
     ...the first three installments in the cool new New York Post-Punk/Noise series, full-length live DVDs from COP SHOOT COP, FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST, and THE HEROINE SHEIKS
     ...a brand new anthology of classic material from sludgecore legends BUZZOVEN titled Violent Hits
     ...multiple recent CD and vinyl releases from the increasingly adventurous (and consistently terrifying) Canadian death metal outfit AUROCH
     ...the CD/LP for SUBROSA's latest For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages as well as CD represses for No Help For The Mighty Ones
     ...a Crypt reissue of DECOLLATION's Cursed Lands LP, an obscure, highly messed-up blast of early 90s Swedish death metal weirdness
     ...an out-of-nowhere new album from cult UK psych/noise rockers TERMINAL CHEESECAKE, Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients, delivering some massive blown-out psychsludge intensity
     ...a handful of killer recent releases on Annihilvs from noise-damaged sludgemongers VVLTVRE, crushing death industrialists TEN THOUSAND MILES OF ARTERIES, and Gnaw Their Tongues/Whorid offshoot SLAVERNIJ
     ...a new collaboration between BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER, IRR. APP. (EXT.) and NEW BLOCKADERS, DDTTNBX, serving up some seriously heavy industrial rumble
     ...an excavated Euro-import CD reissue of the cult Japanese proto-doom / dark psych mastery of Demon & Eleven Children from BLUES CREATION
     ...head-wrecking live album from Seattle math-metal/hardcore titans BOTCH, capturing the same savage final set from the band that came out on that DVD release from years ago
     ...some fantastic ultra-obscure industrial metal weirdness on Epic Recordings from CATATONIC EXISTENCE and END
     ...the vinyl version of the latest album Chapelle Ardente from moody Quebecois occult metallers CAUCHEMAR as well as restocks of their debut EP on CD, LP and out-of-print picture disc
     ...the brutal harsh noise of White Gold from the latest team up between THE CHERRY POINT and JOHN WIESE
     ...a recent CD/LP reissue of DODHEIMSGARD's second album Monumental Possession, a blast of vicious black thrash from their pre-industrial/electro black metal days
     ...a vinyl reissue of the still-bizarre Smoking Songs featuring weed-blasters EXIT-13 backing Pain Teen's singer BLISS BLOOD as they run through old pot-centric jazz/blues standards
     ...the resurrected full-length LP from long-lost Arizona heavy psych band GREYLOCK MANSION from the late 60s, hitting some early Sabbath / Iron Butterfly-level crunch and creepiness
     ...an older, awesome full-length disc of noisecore/collage/goofball/surrealism from Minneapolis greats COCK ESP, Historia De La Musica Cock
     ...the CD and vinyl for The Synarchy Of Molten Bones, the latest release from French black metal iconoclasts DEATHSPELL OMEGA
     ...the first three issues from the excellent new English-language heavy psych/stoner/doom/sludge/occult rock magazine Fire from Italy
     ...a pair of crushing live records documenting the infamous activities of Texan sludgepunk creepazoids STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS, 1000 Lives To Die and Property Of Jesus Christ
     ...cassette reissues of early WOLF EYES works Dread and Mugger, crucial blats of blistering, blackened sonic scum from the Detroit gutters
     ...more restocks of classic nihilistic sludgecore from Boston's GRIEF on vinyl and CD
     ...excavated copies of the old Senzuri Fight Back 7" from Japanese noisecore/masturbation weirdos GEROGERIGEGEGE
     ...more noise rock goodness via some bludgeoning new reissues/collections from BABES IN TOYLAND and restocks of those recent reissues from COWS and HELIOS CREED on Amphetamine Reptile
     ...a deluxe LP reissue of DAZZLING KILLMEN's brilliant, bone-smashing math metal opus Face Of Collapse (and a restock of the long unavailable CD edition)
     ...restocks of all three of those putrid CD reissues of hallucinatory death/thrash/noise from the beastly NUCLEAR DEATH, out on Dark Symphonies
     ...a new double LP collection of grimy, corroded synthpop / gloom electronics from CONTREPOISON, featuring the madman behind AKITSA / AMES SANGLANTES
     ...a brutish new LP of heavy-duty electronic horror from BASTARD NOISE, Doomed Expedition
     ...the debut full length from Japanese doom-dub duo BEGOTTENED, featuring Corrupted frontman Chew and noise-beast Guilty Connector
     ...the latest mini-album of complex instrumental prog-death from BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS, Cognitive Emancipation
     ...a bunch of CD/LP reissues of classic material from everyone's favorite nocturnal Teutonic jazz-dirge ensemble including Black Earth, Geisterfaust and Sunset Mission
     ...a wicked new LP featuring the long-lost recordings of the Detroit-based organ-fueled hardcore punk band THE GERBILS, fuckin' amazing early 80's weirdo-punk obscuritanism
     ...the debut full-length from Spanish death ambient / black industrial outfit BLACK EARTH, Diagrams Of A Hidden Order
     ...the latest album from German death industrialist HUMAN LARVAE Behind Blinding Light, dropping some massive sheet-metal death ritual in the depths of a abandoned steel forge
     ...a gorgeous vinyl reissue of ISIS's Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations featuring the likes of Fennesz, Thomas Koner, Mike Patton, Venetian Snares, Tim Hecker and more
     ...a couple of cool out-of-print releases from Seedstock/Personnel including MARCO DEL RIO (Bone Awl/Raspberry Bulbs), THOUGHT BROADCAST and LIVING CURRENCY
     ...the post-apocalyptic stop-motion nightmare of the recently resurrected 2003 French-Canadian film Mecanix from artist Remy Mathieu Larochelle
     ...a new CD reissue of the album Applied Ignorance from weirdo Bay Area deathrock/punk band PHANTOM LIMBS featuring revised album art
     ...the brand-new vinyl reissue of MARE's stunning one-and-only eponymous release on Hydra Head, gorgeous and soul-crushing metallic weight and choral beauty
     ...the new album of intricate black metal-influenced progginess from KRALLICE, Prelapsarian
     ...a restock of the hypnotic death-rite split between PHURPA and SHIBALBA
     ...the newest album of martial majesty, crushing industrial power and bleak ambience from Swedish masters SOPHIA, Unclean
     ...the vinyl reissue of the debut release from NYC electro-industrial outfit STATIQBLOOM, featuring Fade Kainer from TOMBS / THEOLOGIAN
     ...a recent vinyl repress of ANDRZEJ KORZYNSKI's chilling original score to Andrzej Zulawskiís surrealistic domestic nightmare Possession
     ...the latest album of gorgeous, darkened 4AD-tinged gloom-pop and blackened intensity from LOTUS THIEF, Gramarye
     ...more obscure Arizona hardcore punk weirdness via a new "live" LP from Arizona death rock squad MIGHTY SPHINCTER, and a reissue of psycho-core speedfreaks USELESS PIECES OF SHIT
     ...the first ever vinyl release of VINCENZO TEMPERA's awesome score to the obscure 80's Italian horror flick Paganini Horror
     ...the grim Ancient Meat Revived compilation LP featuring the likes of Spire, Grave Upheaval, Antediluvian, Vassafor and more covering classic death industrial stuff from the Cold Meat catalog
     ...the terrifying Epicurean Escapism III that combines a scorching compilation of power electronics/noise featuring the likes of Sutcliffe Jugend with a massive DVD collecting the video works of Dave Phillips (Fear Of God / Schimpfluch-Gruppe) - not for the faint of heart
     ...the latest from frigid stars WORM OUROBOROS What Graceless Dawn and a restock of their excellent album Come The Thaw
     ...a vinyl reissue of the very first Naked City album from JOHN ZORN, still as mind-frying a listen now more than twenty-five years later

And as always, there's a lot more stuff to check out, more mutant extreme music and misanthropic art to be found on our shelves and in our bins...keep reading below to check out all of the strange and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list. And, as always, thanks for continuing to support Crucial Blast!

- Adam / Crucial Blast

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TREPANERINGSRITUALEN   Deathward, To The Womb   LP   (Cold Spring)    23.98


      Newly reissued on both CD (which we'll have in stock in a few weeks) and vinyl (available now) via Cold Spring - this vinyl edition is limited to five hundred copies and comes on 180 gram wax with a download card featuring additional bonus material; along with the complete album, the download includes the track "I Remember When I Was God", a collaboration with Michael Idehall and members of Arktau Eos, Bölzer, Aether, and Hadewych. Here's our original review from 2012:
      One of the latest releases from this Scandinavian master of diseased occult industrial, Deathward To The Womb originally came out on 10" vinyl from Release The Bats and has since sold out from the label; it appears that we snagged the last available copies of this fearsome death-rite.
      Beginning with the incredibly thick and suffocating death-drift of "The Birth Of Babalon", Trepaneringsritualen wastes no time in unleashing its oppressive graveyard ambience, laying massive slabs of rotted noise and low-end rumble across distant, barely perceptible rhythms that feel like war-drums pounding from deep below the earth's surface, while deep, slurred vocals slowly ooze over the ghoulish soundscape, drenched in delay and black tar. It just gets creepier and more sinister as it progresses, heading into the bleak lightless depths of the title track, a monstrous death industrial dirge in the classic Cold Meat vein doused in blackness, filled with deep rumbling drones and evil guttural incantations, high wailing tones that come screeching through the void, and a slithering doom-laden bass line and distant percussive rattling and clanking that builds upon the already unnerving atmosphere of inescapable death. The side closes with a real knockout, the lurching death-dub nightmare "Osiris, Slain & Risen" that smears all sorts of hallucinatory effects over a deep, sinister bass-groove.
      "She Is Flame Of Life" opens the b-side with more grim electro-throb, a pulsating distorted synthesizer drone a la Genocide Organ that worms its way through a fog of moaning demons, swells of minor-key creep, and blood-encrusted machinery slowly revving to life. A more ritualistic feel (though no less horrific in tone) permeates the steady percussive pounding and slavering jaws of "Sacrament & Crucifixion", where foul Evil Dead-like voices call out from behind a veil of rot. The closer is one of Trepaneringsritualen's most rhythmic tracks, a pounding graveyard celebration called "All Hail The Black Flame" that blends thick cloying smears of black noise with ecstatic roars of bloodlust and booming, dubbed-out tribal drums that recalls the groovier moments of MZ.412. Only this is awash in enough exhumed filth to give you strychnine poisoning.



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