GUILTY CONNECTOR  Mothers Bloated Corpse  CD   (Deadline)   11.98

In my humble opinion, I have always thought that Guilty Connector was the perfect gateway band for metalheads to check out as an introduction to Japanese noise. There has always been a hesher quality to GC's Kohei The Fast and his harsh, rhythmic eruptions of feedback, and there is no denying that the guy has an appreciateion for metal - just check out the back cover of this 2003 album from Guilty Connector, which features Kohei clad in a bullet belt, long hair draped over a table filled with effects pedals and electronic sound generators, or the photo collage inside the booklet where he's wearing various Nausea and Neurosis and other crusty band shirts. Don't tell me that this guy isn't a total thrasher, I know my fucking uniform. My case is further boldened by the Sabbath cover he includes on this album, but I'll get to that in a sec.

This disc reeks of apocalyptic tension. Guilty Connector's particular brand of harsh analog noise is indeed harsh, but it's focused around what I'd call the "junk noise" aesthetic, where blasts of harsh noise is chopped up and collaged with the captured sounds of smashed metal junk and field recordings. Junk noise is inherently percussive, since, uh, the artist is smashing junk together, but most of the stuff that I've heard that takes this approach just ends up sounding pretty random in the end, at best a high energy improvised racket that might blow the snot out of my skull for a good thirty minutes. Guilty Connector, on the other hand, takes the sound of junk noise and elevates it to a panicked level on Mother's Bloated Corpse that suggests total global armageddon. Like what the streets outside your door would sound like once word got out that the bombs were dropping. Frenzied, chaotic electronic noise smashing into the sound of everyday objects at war with each other, metal on metal violence, forged into rhythmic grooves that achieve a level of heaviness not usually heard in te canon of Japanese noise. The electronic stuff kind of reminds me of the most brutal FX used by KK Null but way harsher, and later on I think I'm beginning to hear grindcore riffs buried underneath the clang and blast...and then suddenly track five kicks in, "Symptom Of The Universe" from Black Sabbath, the instantly recognizeable riff chugging into view but then becoming swallowed up in a black hole of devouring oscillator noise. BRUTAL. And these onslaughts of violent noise are sublimely juxtaposed against brief passages of pastoral temple ambience and sound of trickling streams and nocturnal crickets, jerking your awareness back and forth between Zen-like quiet and extreme noise cut-up. It's pretty awesome.

This CD is a collection of rare compilation tracks, unreleased material and long-gone short run titles, and it's an excellent starting point for anyone that is curious about Guilty Connector's annihilating noise.

Track Samples:
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR-Mothers Bloated Corpse
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR-Mothers Bloated Corpse