KADURA  From The Depths of The Other Space  CD   (Charnel Music)   9.98

Heavy, eastern-influenced psychedelic space rock bliss from Osaka, Japan is dished out on this totally intoxicating full length from Kadura. These cats twist themselves into ghostly shapes powered by mutant Middle Eastern melodies and gassed up tribal-circular percussion that'll have you tranced out in no time. This falls under the Crucial Blast eye based on several factors: From The Depths of The Other Space was released on the crucial Charnel imprint, who trafficked in some of the most potent underground Japanese sounds imported into the USA in the 1990's...this album was one of the few real "psych" albums Charnel put out, but this is definitely not the pastoral, hippie psychedelia you might expect. These eight jams explore darker, more twilight corners of atmospheric trance rock, populated with band leader Atsushi Kobayashi's spectral guitar playing and bleating Zurna (a double reed horn), muscular noise-rock basslines and sheets of sublime feedback, noisy drones, and intense emotional vocal chants that coalesce into almost prog-metal forms. We even hear some Can -style krautrock in here. This is one heavy twilight pulse. Sorta reminds us of a combo of Ghost/Angel N' Heavy Syrup/PSF-Records style Japanese psych, a more subdued, stoned take on Tool-esque prog metal, meandering space-psych, and later Swans? Rad.