VARIOUS ARTISTS  Basement Tapes  DVD   (Chrome Peeler)   9.98

A rad homemade DVD compilation that collects seven live sets from some heavy names in the underground dirge/noise/thrash/scum scene, all of which took place in two different basements where the hosts were throwing ripping DIY shows. The disc opens with a crushing set from Throwing Shrapnel, a band that I hadn't heard before checking this out but who unleash some wicked, mathy sludge/noisecore heaviness. They're followed by Team Robespierre, who shared a split 10" with Brevator on Chrome Peeler that we listed a month or so back; their set is a synth-heavy session that looks like it was a blast to bear witness to, like some screamo/deathpunk death march down into the cellar. Battletorn are up next with a short but ripping set of their chirpy speedcore, equal parts DRI and Melt Banana delivered by a tiny girl hopped up on thrash and backed up by a spartan drum/guitar duo. Death By A Thousand Cuts follow with a heavy machine drone performance backed up by weird video loops projected onto the wall behind them, which is a similiar visual performance that Abandoner uses for their set. This duo was one of the main reasons that I picked this DVD up, ever since I first heard Abandoner on their collab CDR with Death By A Thousand Cuts, I can't get enough of their hybrid mix of blackened dronedoom loops and low frequency noise manipulations. Their short, seven minute set is massive, a black wave of detuned monochord riffing cycling over and over, surrounded by freakish noises and video projections of Eddie Murphy. Surreal and psychedelic improvised doom/noise from this Unearthly Trance side project.

And then comes Crank Sturgeon, and let me tell ya, his segment is something else. Coming into the basement dressed up with a huge handmade fish mask and otherwise naked except for a huge piece of exhaust pipe that's attached to his junk, this guy proceeds to devour contact mics and wrestle with a table filled with mixing equipment and patch cables, conjuring a violent storm of junk noise and harsh electronics with one of the most entertaining noise performancesI've ever seen. Finally, Emil Beaulieau closes out the disc with a fifteen minute performance where he does some conjuring of his own, filling the basement with a dynamic, constantly shifting harsh noise holocaust generated from contact mics and his treated phonograph and other devices, at first constructing a brain erasing blast of wall noise but then settling into a seriously crushing lock groove that he rides right through the foundation of the basement. At an hour long, this is an easily digestible and really entertaining nugget of DIY basement show documentation from the NY underground. Comes packaged in a slimline snapcase with full color artwork.