VARIOUS ARTISTS  Encapsulated Results  CASSETTE   (No Horseshit)   5.98

Mike Haley curated this conceptual anthology that brings together a squadron of heavy noise makers from the current DIY basement scum underground

together to pay homage to and tear limb from limb the music of classic sitcoms through the ages. The results are pretty surreal when you hear stuff like the

Three's Company theme song turned into a crushing low-fi dirge of garage doom drumming and tape loops by DD6, or Love Letter's plundering of the

MASH theme and the ensuing blast of intensely caustic sludge noise. Each artist works with a different sitcom theme on here, except for the opening

track from Himei Koukotsu, which appropriately enough is a thick, explosive wall of harsh noise formed from blown out recordings of canned audience laughter.

Along with the previously mentioned artists, there are additional tracks from Boggs, Wether (who delivers an awesome blast of blackened industrial ooze

centered around the theme from ALF!), harsh deathtronix slicers Death By A Thousand Cuts, Corsican's Whore, Dictionaries, Emilio Esteben, Fecalove,

Kaep Yroc, Mark Meloche, Star Dot Star, Sick To The Back Teeth, and Torturing Nurse.