VARIOUS ARTISTS  Erase Yer Head #9  7" VINYL   (Pandemomium)   4.98

For fans of fucked up noise rock and avant-garde hardcore, the Erase Your Head 7" single club from the French label Pandemonium was like manna from heaven. Each installment of this long running series would feature anywhere from two to four bands on each record, and the ten 7"s that the club produced read like a who's who of late '90's spazz/noise rock genius: Zeni Geva, Cows, Headcleaner, Samiam, Guapo, Unsane, Ruins, Alboth!, Molecules, Headbutt, and Kepone were all featured on different records in the series. These singles are all long, long gone, but in my eternal quest for lost treasures from the freakcore underground, I've managed to obtain a lost stash of the 9th and final installment in the Erase Yer Head club from 1999, which features tracks from Melt Banana, God Is My Copilot, Tear Of A Doll, and Camp Blackfoot. The unifying thread on this final installment was that all four of the bands featured female vocalists, and the lineup delivers an amazing array of ferociously feminine avant-thrash: Melt Banana's "Crack Up To Planet Q" is

a scratchy no-wavey dance/thrash pop jam from the Charlie era that, amazingly, wasn't included on their singles collection 13 Hedgehogs, making this the only place you can get this song! Camp Blackfoot were an obscure US band that took an experimental approach to fast paced hardcore, and their "It was too bad for Marie Antoinette, and now it's gonna be too bad for you" combines thrashing American hardcore temposa la early Black Flag, chiming post-rock guitars, electronic noises and loops, and is fronted by the chirpy, almost rap-style cheerleader taunts of singer Sara Rogers, making them an absolutely perfect match for Melt Banana's side of the split.

On the flip side, the experimental French punk band Tear Of A Doll contributes a bizarre collage of distorted heavy riffing, swirling electronic noise, spoken word and sampled voices, industrial rhythms, and other sonic flotsam. And legendary NYC band God Is My Copilot deliver "On Death", a spazzy, catchy blast of experimental noise rock, hardcore energy, and epileptic jazz punk skronk with heavily damaged guitars, bleating sax, and nursery-rhyme style lyrics.

The record is on marble-grey colored vinyl, and comes in a full color, three panel gatefold sleeve filled with liner notes and information on the other singles in the series. And again, these tracks are all exclusive to this 7", including the Melt Banana song!