VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Best  LP   (RRRecords)   13.98

Ron from RRRecords just compiled this new LP that showcases exclusive tracks from six of his favorite brutal noisemakers, and each track was handpicked by

Ron as "the best" from each artist. I can't argue with his logic, as these tracks are indeed some high quality deathtronix jams, and half of 'em are from

noise artists that I'm hearing for the first time here, making this a cool introduction to some new RRR-approved feedback thugs.

The party begins with New York City's Halflings and their ear scraping blasts of feedback and scathing vocals and malevolent low-end throb that make up

"Extraction Process". I'd call it "power electronics" but that honestly seems like too swishy of a term for the short but vicious assault that they deliver

here. They are followed by the extreme laptop terror of Cathode Terror Secretion, who make one of the sickest vocal entries ever into "American Bravado

Decimation"'s controlled, almost melodic sculpting of shrieking feedback. And then Ichorous drops the lengthier "Surreal Visions" on us...his combination of

ultraviolent junk-noise carnage and death metal vocalizations made his previous CD-R releases on RRR and Audiobot personal faves of mine, but this piece is

more like a throwback to old school Pain Jerk/Killer Bug style wall-of-crunch chaos.

The other side of the LP kicks off with "The Top Priority" from Is, whom I know nothing about but who dish out the brutal sputtering wall-noise here as

adeptly as anyone on the Troniks roster. At least that's what the first half of the track is like, until Is suddenly veers off into abstract fields of high

pitched feedback sculpture a la Prurient's Fossil album, then shifting yet again into a crushing doom-loop towards the end. Nice. On "Parenthesis",

Brutophilia mix spastic feedback/distortion cut-up with raging vocals so blown out that I didn't even realize they were vocals until I gave the record a

second spin. The Cherry Point deliver "Fuck Death" for the last track, another one of their crushing cement-mixer dronescapes.

Each record comes in a unique hand decorated jacket that Ron put together using duct tape, xeroxed patterns and collage art, and includes a pile of random

printed matter and inserts.