MERZBOW  Pornoise 1KG  5 x CASSETTE BOXSET   (RRRecords)   29.98

An old school blast of Japanese noise from the master! A five-cassette boxset from Merzbow's early 80's analogue period, Pornoise 1KG was originally released by Masami Akita's own ZSF Produkt imprint, but was later reissued by RRR and Statutory Tapes in 1993. This reissue of the immense boxset features five cassettes in a large, white molded audiobook-style case, with hot pink covers depicting illustrations of ultra-graphic sex acts (graphic enough that we require an age statement from you in you are ordering this item - it is only for sale to customers over the age of 18!) from artist Trevor Brown, who has designed artwork and sleeves for various other Merzbow releases and who recently designed an album sleeve for Venetian Snares. On the interior of the case, an insert sheet is glued to the inside of the case cover. Pornoise 1KG contains the complete volumes of the Pornoise body of work, three of which appeared on the legendary 50-CD Merzbox set, but this boxset is the only format in which all of the volumes are available together.

Each cassette contains somewhere in the vicinity of an hour's worth of material, and these are some of the heaviest Merzbow recordings that I've ever heard. Distorted, brutally loud tape loops are woven into crushing industrial rhythms, over which Merzbow piles on violent blasts of synth noise, deconstructed film samples, demolished fragments of jazz and rock that are twisted into heavy looping jams, slabs of corrosive distorted noise, looped screams and disembodied dialogue, and swooping sci-fi noise that reminds me of a terminally blown out Pulse Emitter. What makes these recordings so crushing is the omnipresent rhythms, those huge relentless loops surging up through the noise collages and turning each piece into a horrific machine dirge. Awesome stuff that serious enthusiasts of Merzbow's early material (and Japanese noise in general) really need to experience. Being from his early 80's period, there's the whole porn/extreme sex angle to his work on these recordings as well, from the title of the set to the track titles like 'Penis Art Is Microphone', 'Loop Fuck/Obituary', and 'Defilement Of His Nubile Young Wife'. It's a truly extreme set of industrial/noise compositions, and at over five hours long in total, an epic noise experience.

Again, due to the graphic artwork on this boxset, this is only available to adults over the age of 18 years old, and you must include a statement stating to us that you are over 18 with your payment (you can send this in the "Notes" section of our shopping cart when you complete your order.)