MYSTIC FOREST  Green Hell  CD   (Chanteloup)   13.98

Mystic Forest is the other project of Eikenskaden founder S. Kozak. This CD opens with sounds of birds and the forest and a burbling brook, then quickly erupts into an ear-shredding squall of paper-thin distortion, super catchy Baroque melodies, and a guitar sound that's an overdriven, trebly shred assault that would peel flesh if it wasn't delivering those catchy riffs! Yep, Mystic Forest delivers hooks galore, baroque / classical -inspired pop melodies that are buried beneath that nasty distortion and spastic blastbeats and epic mid-tempo rock parts, with vocals that are just as distorted and freaked out as the guitar sound, if not more so...piercing demonic shrieks and gasps that melt into the fuzzblast while those incredible melodies soar above the static. Add some pretty instrumentals, sounds of rain and forests and waves, and what sounds like a harpsichord...all buried beneath that incredible fuzz attack. Check out the other Mystic Forest titles we have in stock for more excellent French black metal weirdness.