SUTCLIFFE JUGEND  This Is The Truth  CD   (Hospital Productions)   14.98

Sutcliffe Jugend were one of the earliest pioneers of the early 80's power electronics/industrial noise scene alongside peers Whitehouse, SPK, and Throbbing Gristle, formed in 1982 by Kevin Tomkins (who was then a member of Whitehouse) and Paul Taylor. The project gained immediate notoriety as one of the harshest, most confrontational proponents of the original U.K. Power Electronics underground, with terrifying verbal outbursts underscored by harsh, brutal electronic feedback manipulations. The group went into hiatus for years, finally resurfacing in the mid-1990's, and we've been seeing some increased activity from Sutcliffe Jugend in the past few years, including live dates in the UK, the ferocious Live Assault 01 CD that RRRecords put out last year, and this brand new full length album, This Is The Truth, which is the first studio album from the duo in over eight years. Across the eight songs of This Is The Truth, Tomkins uses electronics, loops, effects pedals, violin, tapes, and guitar to create a carefully constructed, dynamic noise narrative, with Taylor contributing additional keyboards, damaged guitar noise, eBowed guitar textures, samples and loops to the din. The album is one of the more intricate harsh electronics statements of the decade, the tracks moving from abrupt blasts of sculpted feedback, to textured haunting drones and crushing amplifier hum. Tomkin's vocal delivery really sets this apart, as he unleashes a litany of hysterical accusations, mocking challenges, weird, damaged, almost R&B style singing, and unsettling mewling cries that rip through SJ's veil of seething high frequency violence. An excellent document of electronic immolation that's on my list for noise album of 2007, and a crucial dose for anyone that wants to hear where Prurient gained much of it's inspiration from. This CD version of the album comes in a full color jewel case which includes an eye-popping set of six individual photo cards a la Boris' Mabuta No Ura, capturing Sutcliffe Jugend in neon live action mode. Highly recommended.