SUTCLIFFE JUGEND  First Official Live Action Ever  CD   (RRRecords)   8.00

Absolutely skull shredding live document of the "first and last" Sutcliffe Jugend live performance, recorded in August 2005 at the Red Rose in London. Formed in the very early 1980's, this group were key players in the seminal UK scum electronics movement alongside Whitehouse, Consumer Electronics, Ramleh, etc. Like a Cenobitic facial assault of Prurient's richly textured amplifier screams and total Whitehouse hate, this half hour jam erases all hope as SJ members Paul Taylor and Kevin Tomkins melt the audience with waves of crushing industrial guitar-noise throb, deviant misanthropic ranting, blasts of brutal speaker blowing high-frequency skree, charred black drone, and synthesizers bursting into flame. Total devouring electronics.