LETHAL FIRETRAP  Excursion/Passage  CD   (Even Stilte)   5.00

Excursion/Passage is the debut from the Tokyo-based duo of The Filth and Kelly Churko, who incorporate distant, subtle melodies and found-item percussion and sounds into ghostly field recordings of bird song and parks, vague murmurs of street noise, and train stations. Dark, atmospheric environmental drone shimmer and eerie unidentifiable clatter is drawn from an array of objects, including wine glasses, halogen heater, Thai wooden frogs, guitar, metal cooking bowls, stone bowl, all of which were struck, rubbed, and scraped to create all sorts of haunting drones. The booklet mentions that this is based on some sort of science fiction narrative about the mass evacuation of humanity and terraforming, but all of that is secondary to the creepy ambience. A very beautiful environmental drone album. Limited to 500 copies.