VARIOUS ARTISTS  Cock E.S.P. + Appliancide / Waffelpung  CD   (Sunship)   10.98

Confoosingly titled 3-way split CD featuring a collaborative freakout from Midwestern avant-noise brats COCK E.S.P. and UNCONDITIONAL LOATHING offshoot APPLIANCIDE, and a cable-buzz epic from Norway's WAFFELPUNG. We're big fans of COCK E.S.P. around here, so this disc gets high scores from us just for the COCK's tracks. Their absurdist take on modern avant-garde music sucks in all sorts of influences, including punk rock, modern composition, free jazz improvisation, Japanese noise, hardcore industrial, 80's metal, and electronica, and spits out a loud, often violent shitstorm of random chaos, clatter, and intense noise...right up our freaking alley, you know? The first ten tracks on this split CD feature COCK E.S.P. and pals APPLIANCIDE rolling around in a mound of malfunctioning instrument cables, dialogue cut-up, electronic drones, mutant beats, and a track featuring Elyse playing acoustic guitar as accompaniment to samples from Stryper's 1987 home video, along with other surrealistic free-noise antics. Excellent, hyperactive chaos. The other half of the disc is WAFFELPUNG, which is the alter ego of Norweigen Sten Ove Toft, whos serves up a single 15+ minute track of satisfyingly abstract post-industrial splatter that swirls together chunks of atonal modernist piano loops, noisy harsh electronic violence, some more subdued drones, and severe scrap metal battering. The disc comes lovingly packaged inside of a full color wallet which is in turn enclosed inside of a heavy canvas folder in a mylar sleeve. Highly recommended to fans of heavy mutant electronic improv!