VARIOUS ARTISTS  Shadows Infinitum  CDR   (Crucial Bliss)   6.50

A companion piece to the RECORD OF SHADOWS INFINITE compilation CD on Crucial Blast. The wrangling of top-notch drone/psych/drift artists continues with this full length, extremely polished CD-r release, limited to 250 copies. Exclusive tracks from DEAD RAVEN CHOIR, ENCOMIAST, KORPERSSCHWACHE, EXISTENTIAL DILEMMA, BURNING STAR CORE, FEVERDREAMS, NADJA, MARAX, and UNHOLYDEATHMACHINE run the gamut: these further explorations of the drone touch on blackened folk creep, glacial hum and gorgeous ambient bliss, buzzsaw feedback rituals, imploding-sun droneblast, improvised clatter and drift, epic driftmetal, vampiric dronenoise, and schizophrenic kool-aid burble riots. Another exercise in intelligent, outsider droneworks from CRUCIAL BLAST.