SOUTH SATURN DELTA  Experience The Concreteness  CD   (Cold Spring)   11.98

Check out this formidible lineup: Hiroshi Hasegawa of legendary psychnoise group CCCC on voice and synthesizer, Maso Yamazaki (aka Masonna) on voice and

guitar, and drummer Nobuko Emi of Tsurubami. Oof. These legends of Japanese noise got together under the banner of South Saturn Delta to perform a series of

live events from 2003 through 2005 in Osaka and Tokyo, and these live actions have been culled to produce the four track epic Experience The

Concreteness, the bands debut full length. Compared to most live albums, though, it's as dense and violent and suffocating as any studio recorded

extreme noise album. And this is extreme psychedelic noise at its heaviest. Each track honestly does sound like the ultimate meeting of CCCC's crushing walls

of space noise and the sort of flamethrowing electronic harshness favored by Masonna. Huge clouds of murky feedback and deafening FX overload rise up out of

overdriven synthesizers that are cranked to obliterating levels. Crazed euphoric screams and howls slice through thick banks of squelch and phased

electronics and slabs of grinding low-end filth that rivals the heaviest doomdrone, and become entangled with the mangled guitar wreckage of Yamazaki's

deconstructed playing. Immense, star-devouring improv. SSD have taken the space FX highs of Hawkwind even further than CCCC ever did, into a gravity crushing

vortex of deep space cacophony. The fourth track "Rocket Incantation" is the only one that Emi plays on, and it's one of the shorter ones at only ten

minutes, but it's also the heaviest, his clanging, violent free-improv drumming acting as an anchor for the cranked spacetronix freakout that tries to blast

skyward, terrorized by Yamazaki's monstrous guitar feedback noise that, I swear to god, on this track actually sounds like the sound that composer Akira

Ifukube used for Godzilla's roar in the classic Toho flicks. MASSIVE. Great graphic design for the CD packaging, too. I've been digging Cold Spring's look

lately. Very cool.