GUILTY CONNECTOR  Beats Noise And Life  CD   (Planet Mu)   14.98

The iconoclastic Kohei The Fast (aka Guilty Connector) is back with this latest collection of noisy factory freakouts from the Far East! This one man

harshtronic metal blaster has been kicking out the severe noisescapes for eons, and Beats Noise And Life has been issued via Planet Mu to give us a

fix of his fastpaced noise action; armed with his homemade effects boxes built out of iron plates that have been christened "Swarmectronics" and "SHIBAKI

Electronics", along with lots of mouth harp (!), Kohei liberates a high-intensity attack of grinding metallic machine clank and rattling junk noise,

psychedelic feedback scultping, meditative electronic drones, and savage volcanic distortion / car wreck rhythm wipeouts that reach total noisecore levels of

aggression! Heavy duty noise that works really well due to Kohei's expert use of quiet passages of subdued drones and near silence to offset his brutal

grinding noise. As violently combustive as early analogue Merzbow , but also imbued with a mysterious, mystical aura, frequently opening his pieces with

field recordings of city streets and Japanese instruments before annihilating everything in a terrifying nuclear deathstorm. Crucial Japanese electronic


Track Samples:
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR-Beats Noise And Life
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR-Beats Noise And Life