MERZBOW  Music For Bondage Performance  CD   (Extreme)   19.98

One of the calmer, more meditative entries into the formidible Merzbow catalog, 1991's Music For Bondage Performance was the first in a series of recordings that featured material created by Merzbow's Masami Akita specifically for video sessions for a group of extreme fetishists who called themselves Right Brain, which explored the extreme realms of hardcore S&M, rope bondage, rubber and gas mask fetishism, etc.; heavy stuff, and the liner notes written by Masami Akita further illustrate the longstanding connection his musical work has had with extreme sexuality and bondage art. The recordings themselves are almost ritualistic in nature, pools of subdued black ambience floating over metallic surfaces, the ringing of prayer bowls and gongs whisper through empty chambers, crushing industrial rhythms throbbing far off in the distance, haunted drones and mesmeric loops drifting softly - it's all very evocative and forbidding sounding, mystical even, giving the acts of bondage picture tastefully in the extensive booklet that comes with this disc an austere, near-religious air. This is also one of the most "ambient" recordings I've heard from the master, yet it's dark weight and stygian hues put this on par with the finiest in floating darkness from Lustmord, Yen Pox, SPK, and Maeror Tri. Comes with a 16-page booklet with extensive images, photographs, liner notes and more.