EEYOW KAROOM  Message From The Zodiac  CDR   (Suggestion)   10.98

Another much-needed dose of brutal distortion blather from that UK fright mutant Eeyow Karoom, whose past power skuzz we've dug mightily, ESPECIALLY when you bring up his mighty hypno skullfuck squad Cosmonauts Hail Satan, whose retarded noise rock trances are frequently blasted here at C-Blast HQ. With Message From The Zodiac, Karoom emits more of the ear destroying feedback skree and death storm that was slathered all over the Aggro Stations series he did(also released on the Suggestion imprint), this time tho revolving around the Zodiac Killer letters. It's fittingly sinister stuff, nine devilish and droning tracks of mean Broken Flag-meets Deathpile style speaker burn encoded in pure malevolence. It's a harrowing 45 minutes of horrific, massively distorted electric gristle, pure cranium shaving shit, with Eeyow's vocal vomit sounding not unlike Rawhead Rex beaming back verbal sleaze from the 26th Century. The killer packaging ties in with the Zodiac theme: an unassuming manila envelope hand-addressed to the Riverside Police Department contains a nice color digipack w/ disc along with a Zodiac badge, copies of some of the Zodiac's letters, and other xeroxed weirdness. Limited to 60 freakin copies, hand numbered!!!! Def for fans of Deathpile, MSBR, Prurient's harsher stuff, old Marax, brutal scum-drones, neighbor-hating feedback combat, etc.