SKULLFLOWER  Obsidian Shaking Codex  CDR   (RRRecords)   8.98

In conjunction with our release of "Orange Canyon Mind", we're stoked to offer this early 90's full length from the mighty Skullflower, "Obsidian Shaking Mind". Released on RRRecords and kept in print via RRR's short run CD release, this 5 song, 72+ minute full length features an incredible haze of beautiful droning feedback and freeform heaviness from Matthew Bower and crew. Songs like "Sir Bendalot" and "Circular Temple" create a dense fog of improvised violin screech over cyclical, melodic guitar riff and buried freeform drum bashing, while "Crashing Silver Ghost Phallus" starts off pretty with a lazily strummed acoustic guitar that quickly gets obliterated by a roaring jet-engine drone and a swarm of chiming bells. "Diamond Bullet" weaves wah-wah soaked guitars and oscillating feedback around a steady rock beat, and the disc closes out with one of the best Skullflower songs EVER, "Smoke Jaguar", a 10+ minute drone epic with a recurrent,triumphant melody and miles of hypnotic humming feedback and free-jazzy drum skitter, awesome and meditative, heavy and psychedelic.

Being one of RRRecords shortrun CD releases, this is packaged similiarly to the simple, but effective "Pure" series: a black cardstock wallet sealed by a paper label that wraps over the sleeve (we had to whip out the Exacto knife to slit ours open without mangling the cover), which contains a plain silver disc with a small label affixed to the face.