ETERNAL BLADE, THE  self-titled  CD   (Demysterris)   9.98

Full on bombastic French symphonic electro-black metal a la Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, with the added bonus of baroque-meets-early 20th century classical-meets-A.M. easy listening sap, Ren Faire female harmonies, ridiculous Castlevania/Legend Of Zelda nintendotronic keyboard melodies, and sweeping technical axe shred with awesome 80's style, Steve Vai,pop-metal eruptions. Weird, super majestic and atmospheric, and it's sort of a concept album with Chinese mythology themes and named after a Tsui Hark film! It's pretty amazing that this massive, weird black metal/prog/classical/pop opera is the product of just two French guys. Pretty cool!