RAMLEH  We Created It,Lets Take Over The World Vol. III  CD   (RRRecords)   9.98

In our ongoing lifequest to attempt to document and deliver the best in form destroying UK noise rock, it was just a matter of time before we landed this unholy triumvirate of seminal and ESSENTIAL brootal lo-fi feedback violence/blackened cosmic dirgedrone/evil amplifier destruction from the O.G. UK noise outfit Ramleh. Philip Best (formerly of influential UK noise operatives Whitehouse) and Gary Mundy (of Breathless,Skullflower,and owner of the Broken Flag label) were the brains behind this operation, and the history books have always lumped Ramleh and the associated Broken Flag label in with the whole proto-power post-Whitehouse electronics movement, which it certainly has ties to. But perspective (and heavy drugs) also allow us to parse Ramleh's primal power-howl as a precursor to the hot-shit free-rock/destructo noise/drone rock wave that's all the rage currently...I mean, some of this shit came out in fucking 1982, for chrissakes, and it hasn't lost one iota of bone crunching power in the interim, dishing out grueling, sinister feedback and amp drone burn as potent as anything from Wolf Eyes or Gravitar, or Boris' drone blowouts, or Skullflower or Hair Police or any other extreme noise rock dealers. At least, that's our take. So, what's the fuss about?

This 3rd and final entry in RRRecords We Created It, Let's Take It Over trilogy collects assorted jams dating back to 1982-1983 and mostly collected from early tape, vinyl and compilation releases, including the Hand Of GLory single in it's entirety, as well as the tracks "Squassation","Prossneck",and "Live at the Roebuck". Taking severely abused synthesizers,tapes, mongoloid space guitar riffs, ANNIHILATING feedback,planet-crushing drumming,n' howling screaming anti-vocals, Ramleh threw it all together into long-form, mostly improvised orgies of lithium violence that go far beyond brothers-in-pain Skullflower. We are talking total bedlam at times, with some of the most incendiary, crushing freeform noise feedback ever commited to tape. The guitar pummel and feedback pyrotechnics on this mother are def in the vein of what Skullflower was doing around the same time, but Ramleh's outrages just seem way more anti-social. It's that intense, a dark, droning, apocalyptic and psychedelic mass. Absolutely crucial to fans of UK noise rock (Skullflower,Total,Splintered). The We Created It, Let's Take It Over trilogy was released as three separate CDs on Pure in 1995, and we've got all three in stock. The cover for all three CDs is identical except for the volume number on the sticker. All three are collections of earlier Ramleh material, generally from cassette releases. Essential.