VARIOUS ARTISTS  Riche En Fruits  CD   (Amanita)   5.00

This hard-to-find compilation was released in the late 90's on Amanita Records to showcase the French noise-rock underground. What can we say? WE LOVE FRENCH NOISE ROCK. And this fifteen blast compilation gives it up. What you get with pretty much all of the bands is a weirder, stripped down, distinctly French approach to the Am Rep / NYC pigfuck sound, resulting in an even mixture of bruising, brutal riffage and utterly weird indie noise. Standouts include Fleur, with their majestic angelic choir over brutal hypno riffs and GODFLESH -heavy drum machines, building a massively heavy technoid metal dirge before ending in a fog of chant drones and clattering noises. Andy's Car Crash open the comp with "E 240", an awesome melodic noiserock chugger, equal parts CURE, shoegaze, and UNSANE-style howl. Zadig's minimal Helmet -esque crunch is blown apart by some Catherine Wheel flange storm. Also included is the skittery dark improv rock of Shut Up, the blown out aggression of Microsquane, Miam, Owun, Rogojine and Bianca, as well as Skrewed Ass' Tom Waits-on-quaaludes mess, the seething ambient/drone/no wave of Alma Fury, and the circular trance pop of Mo-e. Very cool.