PUTREFIER  Trace Element Syntax  CD   (RRRecords)   9.98

Brutal UK noise skuzz from this Broken Flag alumnus, released via the PURE Series in 1997. PUTRIFIER, a.k.a. mark Durgan, has been serving up primo noise assaults since back in 1986, with tapes on the Broken Flag and Birthbiter imprints as well as the MSBR label and a select few other releases. This '97 full length captures 7 tracks/72 minutes of PUTREFIER's (love that name!!) electroacoustic / feedback horror, summoning up pits of writhing malfunctioning guitar cables, a more sinister take on VOICE CRACK style improv noise, early MERZBOW level skree, and a diseased scum pulse that not only reminds me a bit of RAMLEH, but also predates the sort of woozy, gross tone subversions that WOLF EYES / UNIVERSAL INDIANS engaged in. Trace Element Syntax is packaged in a minimalist PURE Series style xerox-wrecked wallet sleeve.