DEATHSPELL OMEGA  Kenose  CD   (Southern Lord)   14.98

We'd been hearing all sorts of cool shit about this album for a while, and man, does this not disappoint. This French outfit deliver some of the weirdest, heaviest, most hallucinogenic black metal we've heard since first getting turned onto Blut Aus Nord. Over the course of this 37 minute album (the follow up to their ground-breaking Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice album), Deathspell Omega warps classic black metal shapes into hellish progressive new forms while maintaining an unrelentingly grim and brutal assault. Three tracks of unique, intense outsider blast, with ghostly post-rock spaces and nightmarish ambience building into blasts of buzzing superdistorted minor-key black metal holocaust, insane squalls of blastbeats and creep groans,intoxicated woozy riffing and blood curdling psychedelic drones, unearthly industrial dirge pulsations, haunted melodic arpeggios,total necro attacks, interdimensional doom crawls, a totally hallucinatory and nightmarish assault of psychotropic blackened extremism with moments of unbelieveable beauty. Absolutely fucking awesome, blending powerful avant rock ideas with vicious back metal ferocity. Fans of Ved Buens Ende, Blut Aus Nord, and Enslaved will blow their freaking tops over Kenose. Southern Lord recreated the original releases impressive Digipack packaging design with thick-azz 40-page booklet of creepily beautiful artwork, Biblical texts, and stunning religio-philosophical thought. Highly recommended.