VARIOUS ARTISTS  Dodge, Chris / Solmania / Speedranch  CD   (Even Stilte)   13.98
Dodge, Chris / Solmania / Speedranch IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

This is such a wonderfully bizarre matchup. Even Stilte grabbed Chris Dodge (from SPAZZ / EAST WEST BLAST TEST) for some raging avant grind noise fits, adds Japanese noise legend SOLMANIA, and gets the UK's DJ SPEEDRANCH (from Phantomsmasher and Speedranch & Jansky Noise) to turn the previous artists inside out. Chris Dodge starts the disc with twelve blastarific songs of hyperfast powerviolence and harsh noise with laser zap electronics, casio breakbeats, and quirky little hooks going off all over the place, like INFEST or SPAZZ meets MELT BANANA. Solmania follows with "Ice Cream", an eleven-minute long track

of awesome textured oscillator thud, foghorn guitar noise, and monolithic feedback/dirge pulse. After that, DJ Speedranch wraps it up with three blasts of nutzoid distorto beat violence that pillages/re-interprets both Chris Dodge's stuff from earlier on the disc, as well as the Solmania album Trembling Tongues, and mashes all of that up with disjointed samples, effects, and severe rhythmic cut-up. A killer conglom of fucked up raygun powerviolence / cut up beats / massive guitar noise!