UNO ACTU  Inexistence  CASSETTE   (Tour De Garde)   4.98

Haven't gotten too many titles from Tour De Garde in stock in the past, but I'm hoping to change that...last thing we picked up from the cult Canadian black metal label was the blown out blackpunk holocaust of Malveillance's Insignificance cassette, and now we've got something just as blackened and sinister, but also totally different: Uno Actu, a mysterious French Canadian outfit who perform a weird sort of blackened ambience who move through strange interconnected sonic scenes of dreamlike drift and creepy aural events. There is hardly any information out there about this band, and this tape reveals very little about who is behind it (the tape cover only has the strange high-contrast abstract artwork, a track listing and some minimal contact info). Who-or-whatever Uno Actu is, the sounds that emerge from this tape are amazing, a kind of creepy ritualistic shadowdrift, each side of the tape holding open an portal onto an abstract realm of slowly shifting drones and deep reverberating thrum, far-off tribal drums pounding in strange rhythmic patterns, swells of epic, minor key orchestral sound, sudden bursts of screeching power electronics, lush swathes of metallic shimmering cymbals that echo across Uno Actu's vast black expanse, muted foghorn tones and slithering tendrils of distortion. Occasionally there will appear some distorted fragments of abstract black metal in the form of stillborn riffs and infuriated distorted vocals that bleed through the murky blackened dronescape, and these moments are fierce and deranged, but only last for a brief moment before being subsumed back into the spacious black drift. This is an eerie, dreamlike world of strange sonic shadows, somewhat similiar to the Black Legions ambient project Moevot at times, or the atmospheric improv-blackness of early Emit. Limited to 500 copies, each one hand numbered.