VARIOUS ARTISTS  Dolor Del Estamago  CASSETTE   (Stomach Ache)   4.98

The Stomach Ache label released all kinds of awesome noise and freakoid out-rock 7"s back in the 1990's, including some crucial records from Aube, Evil Moisture, comedy grinders 7000 Dying Rats, brain damaged death metal/cut-up from Faxed Head, Gerogerigegege and more. You can forget about trying to find any of that stuff now though, especially the 7"s from the more well-known Japanese noise groups. Those records have all been out of print for years, and go for a mint on Ebay. To satiate my craving for some of this stuff, RRRecords hooked us up with this compilation tape called Dolor Del Estamago, an old-school comp tape that was put together by the mysterious figure that used to run Stomach Ache, Charlie Ward. All of the stuff that has been crammed on to this tape is taken from various out of print Stomach Ache releases, and it's a feast of ear-damage that includes tracks from Anchor, Bigfoot, Pee 69 Deflower, the Merzbow alias Abe Sada, legendary noisecore freaks Gerogerigegege, Evil Moisture, musique concrete artist Geoff Dugan, ambient noise from Mev, industrial psych-rockers Nisi Period, insectile ambience from Pork Queen, Aube's "Aquatremble", free-noise legend Omit, guitar improvisor Brian Ruryk, and a band called The Jaunties that features a pre-Leprechaun Catering Jason Willet. This is a cheap and easy way to get a bunch of sides from the Stomach Ache catalog, and on it's own, Dolor is a deeply weird mixtape of mutant psychedelia, harsh industrial noise, and subterranean rock.