VARIOUS ARTISTS  America The Beautiful  2 x CD   (RRRecords)   9.98

Stunning digital mixtape of maximum earbleed circa 1994, of American extreme underground artists "commemorating" life in America, reissued by RRR in this xerox-package double disc version. A celebration of 10 years of RRR. Total punk. Extreme sounds range from turntable junk, plunderphonics, and pop culture/speedmetal cobble, dense noise-metal tape eruptions, druggy industro-tribal percussive jams, devestating hardcore noise holocaust, insectile twilight death drone, avant-garde death metal, and fuggin' snuff jazz...The lineup is fucking massive: you get unique jams from Faxed Head, Borbetomagus, Lee Ranaldo (SONIC YOUTH), Neil Hamburger, Rougeux/Negativland, The Haters, Kings Of Feedback, Thomas Dimuzio, Mandible Chatter, Chop Shop, Slughog, Barry Dalive, Mono Pause, AMK, Vampire Rodents, John Wiggins, ST 37, Idea Fire Company, Gregg Turkington, Luxurious Bags, Grae.Com, Small Cruel Party, Hands To, TAC, Randy Greif, Out Of Band Experience, Phil Milstein, Horse-Cow, Commode Minstrels In Bull Face, Goosewind, The Easy Goings, Phillip Perkins, Blowhole, Shrilltower, Specula, Nisi Period, Nicolas Collins, Crawling With Tarts, Condemek, and Scott Marshall & Mark Giangrande.

The standouts include the completely fucked UP awesomeness of FAXED HEAD's buzzsaw death/black metal + sudden cut-and-paste edit/splicing + retarded vocals...KINGS OF FEEDBACK's vitriolic sludge feast, like BRAINBOMBS with Jello Biafra on vox...stunning avant-horror cabaret from VAMPIRE RODENTS...horrifying nocturnal death-glitch from SMALL CRUEL PARTY...an affecting in-the-moment statement of purpose from TAC...fucking grueling noise/sludge/rock from SLUGHOG...some Dadaist Evil Dead action from Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo...violent death-improv from BORBETOMAGUS....and lots, lots more. The whole comp rules. RULES. A blood-pumping testament to the vital musical underground of the early 90's. Fucking A. Packaged in a punk-as-fuck xerox-junk sleeve. TOtal mandatory.