WRAITHS  Plaguebearer  CD   (Paradigms)   13.98

One of the newer releases from the always-great Paradigms imprint (who have provided us with crucial tuneage in recent months from The Angelic Process,

Throne Of Katarsis, Utlagr, Titan, Hjarnidaudi, Amber Asylum and a host of others) , Wraith's Plaguebearer is a heavy, forbidding nightscape that

has been engineered from modified sound equipment, field recordings, and human voices, five long tracks that collectively stretch out to almost an hour,

plummeting the listener into a nightmarish factory inferno and then transporting you across a hellish wasteland of dead cities and mindless machinery

shrieking in it's death throes. A swirling storm of super heavy improvised industrial psych-death, with howling distorted vocals swimming through chain links

of FX, screeching feedback melting into silvery rivulets of drone, deep rumbling frequencies shaking the earth's crust in a thunderous bass-heavy miasma,

cracked by the sound of brutally pugilistic tribal drumming.

Like the Aural Hypnox ritual-deathdrone sound run through the rabid noise-thud of Wold Eyes arranging the score for apocalyptic black death. The track titles

set the mood: "Nihil Rex", "Plaguebearer", "Bone Flutes & Skull Drums", "To Corrupt The Waters Of Lethe, Ghoulsong". The consistent presence of the

drumming, which seems to be trapped in between dimensions with the beats bouncing around the darkness like a dub track gone horribly wrong, really sets

Wraith's apart from the "dark industrial ambient" pack - this is heavy, corrosive drift from the Styx, at once mystical and skullscraping. Limited to 500

copies, and presented in a DVD case with full color artwork and a black and white insert sheet.