GENGHIS TRON  Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 1  LP   (Temporary Residence Ltd)   15.98

Barely got this one in stock, due to the first pressing of the Temporary Residence installment selling out within a week or so! This is the first of the Board Up The House Remixes 12" series that is being put together by five different labels, Temporary Residence, Anticon, Lovepump United, Relapse, and yers truly here at Crucial Blast. Each one of these 12"s features various remixes of songs from Genghis Tron's latest album, the prog-colored masterwork that is Board Up The House, and are pressed on colored vinyl and packaged in full color sleeves that have been "re-mixed" by original cover artist Jon Beasley. The Temporary Residence record kicks the series off with a knockout lineup of remixers that includes Justin Broadrick from Jesu/Godflesh, Rob Crowe from Pinback/Goblin Cock/Heavy Vegetable, Steve Moore from Zombi, and Eluvium.

The first track is from Steve Moore, and he turns the album's title track into a gloriously creepy Italo-horror throb, taking the twilight progginess of the original song and morphing it into a totally 80's style synth piece a la Goblin or John Carpenter, just like we were hoping for. You could easily mistake this for an actual Zombi track with the buried swells of orchestral synth-strings and pulsating drum machine beat and hypnotic bassline, and the awesome synth hook that kicks in towards the end. I can close my eyes an immediately see images from Fulci's City Of The Living Dead or Argento's Phenomena crusing past my orbs. Awesome.

For Broadrick's remix of "Colony Collapse", I was expecting the kind of blurry, blow-out distorto blissout that he gave to remixes for Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Isis. Instead, he takes a chunk of rhythm from the song and reshapes it into a bouncing, crunchy percussive loop that almost sounds like a distorted dancehall beat, like something you'd hear from Broadrick's longtime collaborator Kevin Martin and his Razor X Productions stuff. Over this grinding loop, he drapes the track in all kinds of fuzzed out Jesu-like distortion, splatters the vocals into abstract smears of fx-damaged screaming, and brings in some pretty orchestral strings, shimmering streaks of feedback and noise. The result is a weird, dreamy slab of blissed-out, metallic trip-hop, heavy and eerie but really, really beautiful, too.

Rob Crowe's remix is the weirdest when he takes the song "Things Don't Look Good" and chops it all up, stitching the parts back together into a manic mess of chamber strings, weird tribal drumming, acoustic guitars and atonal piano, dousing the track in effects and spacey electronic noises, eventually becoming a wall of heavy tandem drumming that builds and builds, then abruptly shifts into a metallicized version of the original song.

Eluvium closes the record out by taking the song "Ergot" and stretching the guitars and keys out to infinity, removing the drums and transforming the track into a blissed out expanse of fuzzy ambient drone. The original chords and melodies are all smeared and obliterated, leaving just a slow swirling melodic haze and swells of deep shimmer, streaks of high end skree drifting across the horizon of Eluviums' solar hymn, reminiscent of Sunroof or Tim Hecker. Immensely beautiful.

The record comes on rad gold/grey swirled vinyl in full color packaging, and it's already sold out from the label. Don't drag yer heels!