VARIOUS ARTISTS  DestroysAll: A Tribute To Godzilla  CD   (Shifty)   9.98

Finally back in stock! DestroysAll combines two of my favorite things in life: Japanese Kaiju movies and bone-crunching sludge rock! Hell yes. Well, not all of the music on DestroysAll is "sludgy", but it's pretty much all heavy as hell, and leaning heavily towards the tarpit-metal brigade that we love so much. The concept behind this compilation was thunked up by Gary at Shifty Records, who decided to ask a bunch of bands he was into to write original music in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the classic giant monster movie Destroy All Monsters, which if yer not familiar with it, is the pinnacle of the rock 'em, sock 'em Japanese giant monster movies of the 1960's. The bands enlisted include Mammoth (a solo project from Chris Smith of Keelhaul, who opens the disc with an awesome avant-doom eruption that begins with a couple minutes of deep, wordless, Tuvan-style throat singing that evolves into an awesome megalithic dronedoom dirge...where can we find more stuff from Mammoth!?), Terminal Lovers, Sloth, Hangnail, Gigantasaurus, Space Face (awesome drugged-up Blue Cheer style boogie metal), Fistula, Dot(.), Negative Reaction, Rwake, Patheticism, Leviathan A.D., Third Degree Burnout, The Crunky Kids, and Solace. All of the songs are exclusive to this compilation, and each track pays homage to Godzilla or any one of the other Japanese kaiju monsters. Weirdo hardcore punk, crushing stoner metal, psychedelic Sabbathian doomsludge, and dementoid thrash all show up: Dot(.), who are surprisingly the only Japanese band included here, start off "Nonresistance City" with sampled music from the beginning of the original Gojira, then lurch into a monstrous detuned death-sludge version of the classic "Godzilla's Rampage" cue.

In addition, the comp features some amazing original artwork from artist Chris Scalfa that renders Godzilla, King Ghidora, and a host of other kaiju beasts in glorious full color detail. Negative Reaction's "Godzilla Vs. Noo Yawk" is an eight-minute psych-sludge meltdown that wanders off into a trippy, meandering instrumental before finishing off with the opening bars from Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla".

Crunky Kids spew an economical 2-minute blast of Japanese-inspired hardcore with "Gojira No Gyakushu" which again cops strains from the "Godzilla's Rampage" cue before it ends with the sound of Godzilla's iconic roar. Lastly, Solace serve up the extended instrumental "Mother Godzilla", an awesome, wordless prog-kraut-metal jam that spreads out across King Crimson-gone-doom metal riffage, soaring psychedelic guitar leads racing across the horizon, and manipulated tape loops. One of the heaviest, most freaked things I've ever heard from those guys. Top notch compilation.