TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK  self titled  LP   (A-Pop)   11.98

A new, limited edition LP version of a self titled CDR that the band released in late 2007, this short-but-bulldozing slab of power electronic hatred features six tracks of extremely distorted and hyper-violent cement mixer noise from this confrontational, controversial outfit. Twodeadsluts first appeared a couple of years ago as a crude digital grindcore project started up by some art school students, but has since evolved into a brutal electronics outfit that has taken a fistful of pages from the Whitehouse book, constructing crushing walls of distorted white noise that are sculpted into swirling black holes of feedback, rumbling low-end, warbling feedback that seems to form into strange melodies, and multiple vocalists who spew all manner of horrific, sociopathic imagery that gives Peter Sotos and William Bennet a run for their money. These cats sure have pissed off their share of politically correct indie noiseniks with their abusive song titles and banter that seems to revolve around prostitution, deviant sexuality and mindless violence, and their live sets are pretty notorious for the members of Twodeadsluts getting completely naked, hurling themselves off of tables into the audience and sending microphones and equipment hurtling into whatever onlookers have the cashews to get knee deep in the groups transgressive tantrums. It's either GG Allin grade geekshow or a pitch-black investigation of the filthiest corners of the human psyche, depending on where you lean, but either way there's no denying that these goons are blasting some top notch electronic deathwarp. On this particular slab, the tracks move from crushingly heavy and depressing synthesizer dirges to calmer ambient sections formed from immense low-end buzz, and back to ferocious feedback assaults and pulsating waves of death industrial crunch a la Brighter Death Now, and it's all given a serious sonic heft courtesy of the mastering job from James Plotkin. One of the few American outfits next to Prurient and Slogun that I can legitimately recommend to fans of harsh Power Electronics like Con-Dom, Sutcliffe Jugend, and Whitehouse. Limited to 300 copies, and packaged in a black sleeve silkscreened with metallic silver artwork that features a really gooey money shot on the cover.

Track Samples: