GENGHIS TRON  Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 2  LP   (Lovepump United)   14.98

Heres the second 12" in the ambitious five-part series of remix records for Genghis Tron's Board Up The House; the first record that came out on Temporary Residence (which appears to already be sold out) featured remixes from Jesu, Steve Moore (Zombi), ROb Crowe (Pinback), and Eluvium, and ran the gamut from blissed out quasi-dubstep mutations to freaked out slice-n-dice blast collage to sinister Goblin-style prog rock atmospheres. Temporary Residence's first installment was pretty eclectic, but on the Lovepump entry in the series, the remixes turn Genghis Tron's original music into a fog of weird 80's electro-pop and mutant krautrock.

The first track comes from Tobacco, the guy behind the band Black Moth Super Rainbow. He takes Tron's "Relief" and wraps Mookie's haunting vocal line around some sweet 80's style breakbeats and old school synths, throws extra layers of synth and buzz and electronic whirr over it, and suddenly the track becomes this weird Madchester pop, super funky and danceable but still maintaining the grim moodiness of the original song. Very cool, and I'm intrigued enough by what he did with this remix to check out the new album Fucked Up Friends that Anticon just put out.

Next is Circle, who take Tron's "Recursion" and...well, I don't want to say "remix" the song, because this doesn't really sound like a remix at all. And next to the Justin Broadrick remix on the first record, this track is my favorite in the series so far. What it sounds like the Finnish hypno-rockers have done is taken just one element from the original track, the central synth melody for "Recursion", and constructed an entirely new piece of music around it, a dark sprawl of darm ambience and strange abstract clatter, an ambient soundspace laced with percussive noises swimming in delay, all dubbed out and menacing, but the most unexpected thing about Circle's "remix" are the vocals. Mookie's original vocals don't appear here at all, at least not in any way that I can recognise them; instead, we get these weird, gutteral almost death-metal like grunts, presumably from Circle frontman Mika, that appear over the abstract dronescape. Very strange, but very cool, and so far this is the most out-there interpretation of Genghis Tron that I've heard in the series!

On side two, we start off with a remix of the same song, "Recursion", from the French Canadian electro-pop artist CFCF, who has been getting alot of buzz lately with his remixes for Crystal Castles, Apache Beat, Sally Shapiro and Health. Like the Tobacco remix, this has a mutant retro 80's dance pop feel, but CFCF puts "Recursion" through a strange otherwordly soundfilter that morphs the music into a kind of brooding disco, colored by atmospheric Tangerine Dream keyboards and awesome droning synth textures that evoke Claudio Simmonetti, flecked with crunchy SEGA 8-bit tones and poured over huge dubbed-out beats and a thick grooving bassline, no vocals, purely instrumental. So great! And the last track from DNTEL, wow...who would have thought that the guy from The Postal Service would be the one to give us the heaviest, most aggressive remix on the record? Jimmy Tamborello's electro-pop project takes "The Feast/Ergot" and melts the riffs and keyboards down into a crushing cosmic miasma, super distorted and modulated, the music folded over onto itself and formed into a crushing slab of lown-end drone that grinds and drifts until in it's last minutes it begins to reconstitute into a hesitant, looping rhythm, surging forward in fits and starts, and finally collapsing into a cloud of granular fuzz that dissipates into the ether.

On yellow/purple splatter vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies.