VARIOUS ARTISTS  Electro Grind Gore  CD   (American Line)   11.98

I've certainly never been shy about my adoration for the most twisted forms of drum-machine-n-electronica augmented grindcore. Throughout the history of Crucial Blast, we've championed the grindtronix underground with an assortment of releases from bands as diverse as Genghis Tron, Dataclast, and Haisha, all of which utilized electronic programming and blasting drum machines in various manners. And as much as we love grindcore bands that fuse themselves to mutant techno and electronica forms, our favorite format for this sort of stuff is the compilation, allowing us to feast our skulls across a wide palette of electro blast freakdom. The new Electro Grind Gore comp CD is one of the best electro-grind "mixtapes" we've heard, and showcases 17 bands from across the planet for 28 tracks of deformed metal riffage, extreme death vocals, spastic techno rhythms, and all sorts of weird, mind bending electronic noise and effects. It's a pretty diverse serving of techno/grind mashup: Avulsed drop "Hash-Perversions", a skull crushing grinder that comes off like an insane hybrid of Cannibal Corpse, Ministry, and 4-on-the-floor techno; another dope hymn from Absurd God via "4 Pot"'s crushing downtuned industrial/techno death sludge; the ridiculously awesome drum-machine driven psychedelic space rock/industrial/techno sludgefunk and gory Spanish hip hop-esque vocals of Atomik Surfing; SMES' gutteral death/electro/pop with sub-intestinal beast belches and aerobics-class worthy rhythms; porno-flavored techno bliss from the bizarrely named

Project Your Sister On Four, who come across as a combination of Lords Of Acid and gut-exploding hyper goregrind; Murder 2099's harsh synthesized blast gabba; brutal junglist/gabba beats and mutant vocal spew from Posthuman Worm; Sweet Dominique and Shunt Incision's horrific pigfuck/electro grind; spastic, viscera-splattered glitch/grind/techno from Tourette Sindrome; high-gloss techno filth and harsh noise cut-up from Skrotum; the always-mindblowing, hellishly psychedelic hentai/splatter/breakbeat/tronix and unsavory theatre-of-the-mind action from Basket Of Death; brain melting ambient-speed-metal from 666.Porn.Star; killer intergalactic electronic gore metal from Virus; avant-robot-grind from Denigrare; Fibrosarcoma's minimalist, glitchy fungal-vomit grind; and the Carcass-ish raw drum machine grindcore of Vomitrone. It's a killer compilation for fans of electro/drum machine augmented splatter metal, with almost an hour of blasting, beeping, techno death weirdness. Grab your bib.