VARIOUS ARTISTS  An Evening Of Serious Noise  2 x CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   11.98

This double-cassette set is no joke, archiving on tape an entire session of live noise recorded on October 14th, 1996, as part of the RRRecords anniversary celebration. You get absolutely on-fire sets from MERZBOW, MASONNA, EMIL BEAULIEAU, NIGHTSTICK (featuring ex-SIEGE personnel weaving streams of psychedelic noise rockers/drug doom concurrent with the sort of stuff BORIS is doing now...in a word, AWESOME...), SKIN CRIME, and JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR (the head cracking harsh tronix assault masterminded by PIG DESTROYER's Scott Hull which fused the anti-music noisecore of his work with ANAL CUNT n' AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLLED, with a total Japanese noise inspired electro soulfuck). Crushing. The tapes are housed in a boss moulded audio box covered in transgressive art spunk.