VARIOUS ARTISTS  Anti-Social Hurt Yourself Jams From America's Unde  CDR   (Chaotic Noise)   9.98

CNP Records graces us with another boss collection of head-exploding noise-punk action radiating outward from SUPPRESSION's Richmond HQ. This disc features exquisite, exclusive jams from THE YES SIRS, HALLELUJAH!, INSOMNIACROBATS, SUPPRESSION, MR.SEAHORSE, THE AMOEBA MEN, MAN SPEAKING CHINESE, MATTRESS FOX as MR. ATOMATRON, SILVER NINJAS, LEPER COLONY, RECTAL PUS, P.C.P. ROADBLOCK and MUNGE LITE, ranging in attack from rippin' avant-garage snot, to slurred psychedelic punk, to freaked out prog slop, mutant techno, noisecore, and more, all baked in the glow of CNP's particular brand of anti-social punk nightmare. Personal faves/standouts include crunchy bass/drums thrash insanity from SUPPRESSION themselves, kult noise action from RECTAL PUS, and boozy No Wave bliss from The Yes Sirs and Hallelujah!. Delivered on a hand-scrawled CD-R in a glossy full color wallet sleeve.