VARIOUS ARTISTS  Arrhythmia III  CD   (Charnel Music)   9.98

Third installment in Charnel's excellent Arrhythmia series that focused on rhythm and percussion in outside sonics. III boasts a strong body of tracks heavily influenced by tribal/ritual sounds, with a lineup that includes Neurosis side project Tribes Of Neurot, Raksha Mancham, ABGS, Scot Jenerik, Glod, COTA, Tekachi, Batterie Acid, Ancient Rites, John Herron, Then Tingari, and more. Lots of swirling drones and post-industrial clatter backed by resonant polyrhythms and fierce tribal drumming...fans of Crash Worship, O Yuki Conjugate, and Voice of Eye will love this compendium up-and-down. Nice jewel case package with gold foil stamped cover.