VARIOUS ARTISTS  Brutalmageddon  CD   (Coagulated)   2.00

A 3-way eruption of sickoid mutant European splatter grind. This 3-way split CD features 4-7 songs each from ATAVISM, DRAIN OF IMPURITY, and MINCER. ATAVISM follow up their split EP with FLATULATION with brutal as fuck goreblast. Think MORTICIAN with real drums and vocals like California's DISGORGE. Uber-sick gore grind from Greece. Austria duo DRAIN OF IMPURITY (members of CENOTAPH) are next with drum-machine fueled grindcore vomit a la AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED or RETCH. Shredding squealing riffs and spastic leadwork enhance this belching blast, with super low,repulsive vocals.Another two-piece , MINCER, closes out this split with seven short bursts of rotten goregrind.