DEATH FACTORY / MESSIAH COMPLEX  split  CASSETTE   (At War With False Noise)   5.98

In amongst all of the wrecked outsider doom and low-fi skum-metal and blownout prog/psych destruction that At War With False Noise has been hurtling through our doors over the past year (Zarach'Baal'Tharagh, Sloth, Veee Deee, Seppuku, Alkerdeel, Gnaw Their Tongues, Marzuraan, Black Sun, etc etc etc), you might just forget for a second about the NOISE in At War With False Noise. In case you needed a reminder though (and if recent releases from Vomir, Rape-X, and Mike Page slipped under yopur radar), this split cassette is here to bring the noise, and lots of it. This tape came out last year and is already sold out from the label, but we have ten of the last copies available in stock. A set of shadowy industrial sketches from each group, Chicago's Death Factory and UK electronic heavies Messiah Complex each lay out around 30 minutes of filthy, crushing industrial abstraction.

UK duo Messiah Complex unleash a thirty minute untitled track of nihilistic droning machinedeathroar, much noisier and more violent than the rumbling dark ambient sludgedrift of their Meniscus disc on At War. Here, the band starts off with a swirling black vortex of oscillating distortion, then builds it into a roaring wall of malevolent noise and grinding electrical powerdrone, not quite at Vomir/Rita territory, but harsh and heavy as fuck nonetheless. This is more detailed, dynamic stuff than pure wall-noise; dense distorted rumblings and textured feedback swirl and surge and recede, sometimes revealing stretches of metallic hum, more often exploding in bursts of symphonic white noise, subsonic concrete-mixer thunder and sickening, roaring death metal-esque vocals. Awesome.

The Death Factory side is titled "De-composed Works" and is split up into four distinctly seperate tracks. This stuff is very cool - taking it's name from a Throbbing Gristle bootleg, Death Factory tap into that old school 80's industrial vibe with a series of distorted rhythmic dirges, high-freq feedback soundscapes, alien morse code patterns, radiant kosmiche synths, intensely cold ambient soundscaping, short powerful blasts of harsh noise, chirping insectile electronics, crushing distorted powerdrone and nightmare-inducing radio transmissions, and it all puts out this dank, paranoid cloud of urban unease that is quite effective, especially when Death Factory flows into an awesomely eerie Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze style ambient movement at the end.

As always, killer packaging from At War With False Noise: the tapes are packaged in translucent static-shield bags with a doublesided insert and sealed with a printed sticker. Limited to 100 copies, and like I said, these are the last of 'em!

Track Samples: