VARIOUS ARTISTS  New York Vs The Belzebu / Empty Grave / Pure Noise  CD   (Latincore)   11.98
New York Vs The Belzebu / Empty Grave / Pure Noise IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Take a look at the back of the jewel case for this CD, and where there would normally be a track listing or some other similar indicator of the content within, there are only the words “172 Songs” beneath the nearly incomprehensible logos of the three bands that make up this 3-way split CD. This absurd statement should hopefully prepare you for the ridiculously wicked blitz of freeform Brazilian grindnoise on order here from NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, EMPTY GRAVE, and PURE NOISE. While virtually extinct in other regions of the globe, it would seem that the AN*L C*NT / FEAR OF GOD / SORE THROAT noisecore legacy lives strong in Brazil. NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, who are virtually legends in this “scene”, open this up with 28 blasts of nonsensical blastbeat mayhem, brainmelting Casio melodies, entire riffs lifted from VAN HALEN and RUSH, and mongoloid thrash breakdowns mashed together into a blur of lo-fi speed chaos. Imagine early BOREDOMS action as filtered through the noxious grind of AN*L C*NT.

EMPTY GRAVE are a tough-looking drums’n’guitar duo whose 69 songs flirt a little more with old school death and speed metal, busting out some pretty viscious lo-fi speedcore riffs and monstrous breakdowns, but the frequent forays into nursery rhymes, 5-second "songs", and roaring walls of distortion that barely obscure the frenetic, sloppy blastbeating relentlessly going on in the background keep this firmly entrenched in the noisecore/blurr orbit. The production here is slightly improved over NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU’s vaccum-cleaner eruptions, but it’s still no picnic. Mostly it’s multi-second riffblast on par with early CRIPPLE BASTARDS and FEAR OF GOD accented with moments of brootal mid-tempo crustcore, evil monk chants, old time spirituals, and f***ed structures like a retarded NAKED CITY, complete with dual cave troll/rabid warthog/electrocuted housewife vocals.

PURE NOISE wrap it up with what would appear to be 75 individual compositions, but since a CD can only have 99 labeled track ID’s, all of the PURE NOISE material has been squashed together as one continuous stream of improv blast violence on track 99. None of this really matters…what does matter is that PURE NOISE sounds like Scum -era NAPALM DEATH channeling old school Japanese harsh noise through their sh*tty practice amps and attempting to lock into some flesh destroying free-jazz thoughtwaves. Obviously, this feast of blast is only recommended to serious noise heads, old school grind freaks, and fans of truly adventurous/fried brutal improv. This disc is packaged in blown color Xerox graphics which make this appear more like black market Brazilian snuff vid product than it has any right to.

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-New York Vs The Belzebu / Empty Grave / Pure Noise
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-New York Vs The Belzebu / Empty Grave / Pure Noise
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-New York Vs The Belzebu / Empty Grave / Pure Noise