SPLINTERED  Noumena  CD   (Amanita)   9.98

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We've unearthed yet another obscure find from the UK drone rock/heavy noise/dirge rock underbelly, and are we stoked! Splintered's Noumena

was released in 1995, and falls somewhere between the feedback and howling guitar sheets of early 90's Skullflower, the apocalyptic/hypnotic dirges of Swans

and Godflesh, and the epic unfolding might of Neurosis. Sounds pretty rad, right? It is. Formed in 1989, this UK outfit maintained a relatively low profile

during their existence in the late 1980's/early 1990's, releasing a healthy series of limited singles, four albums (to the best of our knowledge), and

recording two Peel Sessions. The seven tracks on this full length blend relentless rhythmic structures and improvised guitar noise / feedback worship into

monstrous squalls of ominous dirge rock, replete with thundercloud summoning drones and loops, crushing analogue synth buzz, bamboo flute, splattered

samples, metal percussion, and vocals that sound like Gregorian chants recorded at the bottom of a submerged cavern, all coming together into lengthy,

repetitive, droning hypno jams with titles like "Black Dwarf"! As dark and desolate as wasted urban landscapes and decaying skylines. Seriously hypnotic and

heavy and eerily melodic, and definitely highly recommended to fans of punishing drone rock / dirge metal, particularly anyone into old Skullflower and

Cosmonauts Hail Satan and other old school UK guitar abusers/feedback worshippers.

Track Samples:
Sample : SPLINTERED-Noumena
Sample : SPLINTERED-Noumena
Sample : SPLINTERED-Noumena
Sample : SPLINTERED-Noumena