VARIOUS ARTISTS  Crushers Killers Destroyers  CD   (Shifty)   9.98

The first in Shifty Record's sludge compendium series, this 5 band battering ram is back in stock for anyone who missed it the first time around. An hour and fifteen minutes of unrelenting sludge and doomcore starts off with 3 songs of MUGWART's melodic sludgecore, like a more upbeat Eyehategod but still ugly, snarling, and downtuned. The song "40/90" features sick guest vocals from Ben of BEATEN BACK TO PURE. Canadian doomcore sadists GOATSBLOOD follow with 3 brutal dirges, with strafing blastbeats and dual psychotic screams/deep deathgrowls punctuating their suicidal ultraslow sludge. MOLEHILL continue with 3 songs of unabashed Eyehategod worship. Loaded with Southern groove and a melodic attack similar to that of MUGWART, Molehill have that New Orleans blues-metal sound nailed. FISTULA deliver a single track, "Dysfunction", but at nearly 15 minutes long, it's a devastating sludge stomper that degenerates into heavy,hypnotic feedback drone, orgiastic free-guitar skree, and pounding battle drums. Totally fucking narcoleptic. SLOTH wrap it up with 7 tracks of bizarre Midwestern dirge...their songs are a weird, tweaked mashup of blown-out low fi black metal murk played at quarter speed, with rasping vocals and simple, haunting melodies and gut-churning bass thud. It's sort of like a brain-damaged version of old FLOOR recordings, mixed with BLACK MASS OF ABSU or something. Overall, this is an excellent compilation of modern American sludge-fans of the style would do well to check this and the second CD in the series (which we also carry) out!