DOG  Ancient Crypt Metal  3" CD   (Autopsy Kitchen)   5.98

Along with the super-limited, now out-of-print split 7" from the Hungarian black metallers Vorkuta and Marblebog that we have in stock this week from Autopsy Kitche, we also have this short four-song EP from a new band called DOG that features both Blizzard from Vorkuta and Gabor from Marblebog, pressed on a tiny 3" CD and packaged in a miniature jewel case. These guys have teamed up to play an incredibly fucked-up brand of atavistic blackened thrash, totally killer old-school primitive slop with trebly guitars overloaded with fuzz, awesome punkriffs buzzsawing over simple drumming that veers from tinny thrash beats to blazingly sloppy blastbeat speed, the sound is all noxious and heavy with a black fug of decay and corruption that was, according to the liner notes, "recorded in miasmatic moors under a puss moon", whatever the hell that means, but it's the vocals that really make this stand out. They're completely wrecked, and fucked up, vomiting grunts and mumbling gruff death metal growling and crazed wordless howls that are so slurred and unintelligible that it's impossible to make out the insane lyrics that deal with hordes of zombie troops and ghouls stalking cemeteries and leper-priests. These are some of the most fucked black metal vocals I've heard lately. Weird, sloppy, over the top damaged , like hearing old Celtic Frost and Abruptum fused together into a blast of stumbling, messy necrothrash. Weird and brilliant and right up there with the brain-damaged black mania of Funereal Moon, Vondur and Abruptum, I can't wait to hear more from DOG and their whacked out "Ancient Crypt Metal". KILLER.

Track Samples:
Sample : DOG-Ancient Crypt Metal
Sample : DOG-Ancient Crypt Metal