VARIOUS ARTISTS  Crushers Killers Destroyers II  CD   (Shifty)   9.98

The second installment in Shifty Record's Crushers Killers Destroyers series, this full length compilation CD features 8 of the best bands in the underground sludgecore movement, with 1-5 exclusive tracks from each. Every band has their own unique take on slow, bruising, filthy sludgecore, keeping the compilation interesting throughout without ever relenting from battering-ram heaviness. HEADACHE starts off with 3 tracks of grueling pounding sludge, with dueling vocals screaming "Die!", barbiturate references, loud production, and a GRIEF meets KARP sense of bottom heavy dynamics. WEEDEATER give us 2 new tracks, with Dixie Dave's lung-scraping vocals snarling over some killer vile riffs, and "Long Gone" also has Muleboy from BONGZILLA guesting on vocals. Awesome. FISTULA follow up with a single blast of headcaving heaviness, like a meaner, jailbound sibling to the MELVINS' "Boris". KING TRAVOLTA rip through a whopping 5 tracks of fierce doomcrust that includes a hilarious stab at QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. CRUEVO appear with a posthumous track, "Black Maria", that again displays the awesome sludgerock these guys possessed while they were around. Another eulogy appears in the form of 2 tracks from defunct bass terrorists TUSKS OF BLOOD, sounding more than ever like MAN IS THE BASTARD on one hell of a bad trip, dual-bass buzz thud smacking against your ribs painfully. Madrid's MOHO bring some depth and "progression" to the comp, with 3 tracks of swinging, snarling, superdope sludgerock that picks up the pace with a hellish, undead version of US Southern Rock. Some seriously fist-raising shit. SLOTH finishes off the comp with a track called "Sloth Loves Floor", and yes...it's an uncanny interpretation of FLOOR's patented bomb-string sludge via their song "Lolita", but more fucked and drunk and downtuned than the original. Sick. Altogether, and amazing collection of destructive, low end crush.