CON-DOM  Recycled Music Series  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   4.50

Since the Recycled Music cassettes that RRRecords puts out have zero information about the release included with them and the RRR site is slim on release info, I usually have to rely on online databases like Discogs.com to find out when any of these tapes came out. The Con-Dom cassette in the Recycled Music series is unfortunately lacking in release year info on the site and the tape has yet to be officially entered into Con-Dom's own discography list on their site, so I have no idea how old this entry in the series is. I'm guessing that it's one of the older tapes, though. Regardless of when this came out, it's a lethal dose of perverted power electronics from one of the seminal groups from the original UK industrial scene of the 1980s alongside Whitehouse, Ramleh, Sutcliffe J�gend and Grey Wolves. The name of Mike Dando's hardcore electronics project is short for Control-Domination, and has been kicking around since 1983, releasing some of the most controversial released from the early days of power electronics. This Recycled cassette captures Dando's acidic PE assault with two untitled side-long tracks that average around twenty minutes apeice, and each side is a relentless pummeling of vicious vocal ranting about what I presume to be the usual array of social issues that Dando explores, and the vocals are run through so many electronic effects that his language is mutated into an indecipherable alien roar that sprawls out across queasy, extremely distorted oscillating sinewaves and crunchy dissonant noise that sounds like it might have been guitar generated. At times, this set gets pretty nauseating with the violently fluctuating tones, photon blasts and extreme use of effects, especially on the second side. It's an intense and unsettling listen. Like the rest of the Recycled Music series, Con-Dom's entry is dubbed over an old commercial music cassette and packaged in the orignal tape cover covered with duct tape.

Track Samples:
Sample : CON-DOM-Recycled Music Series
Sample : CON-DOM-Recycled Music Series