GENGHIS TRON  Board Up The House Remixes Vol III  LP   (Relapse)   15.99

Finally managed to get the third entry in the Genghis Tron Board Up The House remix series that Relapse put out back in December. We've picked up a bunch of the red and blue splatter version of this record, which was released in a run of 1000 copies, and it features one of the wildest lineups of the entire series with remixes from Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer/Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Danny Lohner (of Nine Inch Nails fame), Phillip Cope (Kylesa/Damad), Ulver, and Drumcorps. Jesus! And it's as varied an assortment of approaches to the source material as you might imagine as each of these remixers takes the seething synth-heavy Goblinoid grindmetal of the original tracks and turns 'em into everything from dancey industrial rock to crushing cyber-metal to glitchy abstract breakcore.

The first of the tracks is Danny Lohner's remix of "Board Up The House", and it stands out for having only trace amounts of the original track appearing in it's newly configured form. Here, Lohner has deconstructed the original into a plodding rhythmic industrial jam that sounds alot like, well, Nine Inch Nails, which isn't that surprising, and it makes for what is probably the most accessible of all of the BUTH remixes. That's followed by Scott Hull's mutated version of "The Feast", to which he has attached massive plates of cybernetic armor and pneumatic drills, turning the track into a seriously fucking crushing slab of slayerized robo-metal. Once the super-processed guitars and lumbering drum programming kicks in about a minute in, shit gets ridiculously heavy, like some futurist mixture of Meshuggah and Zombi, the soaring 80's synth melodies bubbling over a sputtering mechanical thrash riff. Easily one of my favorite remixes out of the whole series.

Then we move on to Phillip Cope from Kylesa, and his remix/fusion of the songs "City On A Hill" and "The Whips Blow Back". The songs are ripped apart and melted back together into a chaotic blur of dubbed-out blastbeats and fragments of the original song's main hook, vocals now drifting disembodied over fractured synth melodies and riffs, everything smeared into a dreamy surrealistic wash of glitched out samples and drifting rhythms, the vocals eventually becoming chopped and screwed towards the end as an ominous church-organ like synth line repeats over and over like some weird gabber/IDM/sound collage nightmare.

Ulver takes "I Won't Come Back Alive" and delivers one of the more haunting remixes. The original song was already one of the albums strongest tracks, with Mookie laying down some of his eeriest vocals and centering around a killer metallic riff...but here, Ulver strips it apart and modifies a new arrangement with creepy stringed instruments, the sort of lush trip-hop manuevers that Ulver has displayed on their past few albums, some symphonic drum n bass towards the end and some amazing harmonies drawn out from the source material.

The most surprising remix though is the last track from Drumcorps. The other Drumcorps releases that I have tend to focus on Aaron Spectre's ability to combine brutal metallic riffing with crazed jungle programming, but here he goes for a much more restrained approach, taking what was originally a four minute song and reassembling it into a seven minute epic electro-dirge, mixing in oh-so-brief blasts of junglist carnage with more atmospheric passages made up of booming rototom sounds and looped riffs creating a dense, psychedelic atmosphere.

Obviously, if you've been picking up the rest of these remix albums, this one is just as essential. Comes on red vinyl with blue splatter, in a full color jacket with artwork from Jon Beasley.