ONGAKU OTAKU  issue 2  MAGAZINE   (Charnel Music)   6.98

Ongaku Otaku was one of our favorite underground music 'zines from the 1990's,a super-thick journal published

annually by Mason Jones of Subarachnoid Space/Charnel Music, and subtitled The Magazine Of Japanese Independant

Music. Each issue weighed in at over 125 pages on thick paper stock with heavy glossy covers, and each is filled with

all kinds of superbly written and exhaustive articles on the Japanese grind/avant/no wave/noise/extreme culture, including

discographies and footnotes alongside terrific graphic design, artwork, and loads of killer photos. Ongaku Otaku

stopped publishing after the 4th issue that was released in 2001, but this fanzine remains not only the best English

publication covering the vibrant Japanese underground ever published, but also one of the finest examples of high-quality

zine culture to emerge from the 1990's. We just got our hands on some back copies of issues #2-4 of Ongaku Otaku

excavated from the shadowy corners of the Automatism Press closets, as these are highly recommended documents for anyone that

are as obsessed with extreme Japanese music as we are...

Issue Two features interviews and articles on OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, AUBE, SHIZUKA, JOJO HIROSHIGE, SUPER JUNKY MONKEY, GOD MOUNTAIN, JAPAN OVERSEAS, a Japanese tour diary, articles on coffee, manga, Japanese noise, Katan Amano, Anime and Films, Books and Magazines, and hundreds of record reviews.

This is a new magazine, but it has some very minor shelf wear and/or price sticker marks due to how old this is.