GREYMACHINE  Vultures Descend  12"   (Hydra Head)   13.99

Justin Broadrick has been really outspoken in telling people that his latest project Greymachine is NOT like Jesu, and the guy really isn't kidding. This band was announced around two years ago as a new project that would feature Broadrick (Jesu/Final/Godflesh/Head Of David) teaming up with Dave Cochrane (from Head Of David/Ice/God/Sweet Tooth/Transitional), Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu/Godflesh/Cable Regime), and Aaron Turner of Isis and Old Man Gloom fame. Quite the lineup, especially if you are like me and fucking LOVE that whole Pathological/hEADdIRT/Sentrax industrial rock scene from the late 80's. Who woulda thunk that someone would actually revive that sound? Well, Greymachine have, and it's a beast, lemme tell you.

This two song, eighteen-minute 12" is the band's first real release, and features the song "Vulture Descends" and a b-side remix called "We Are All Fucking Liars (Version)" . I'll be listing/reviewing the new album from Greymachine in the next few weeks, and from the sound of these tracks, it's going to be killer. Soundwise, Greymachine have a bit of that classic Godflesh industrial pummel, with huge dubby drums, almost breakbeat-like rhythms, and massively distorted guitars, but what it really reminds me of is Head Of David, channeling that crushing, bass-driven industrial post-punk sound, but making it MASSIVELY heavier and more metallic, and piling on an insane amount of noise and distortion. And there's a definite dubstep influence here too, which might sound weird but is actually incorporated well into the crunchy, chaotic mecha-dirge-rock, with monstrous buzzing basslines and skittering electronic rhythms buried underneath the blower-guitar riffs. Hell, the only trace residue of Jesu to be heard in here are the flurries of melodic digital debris sparkling high overhead of Greymachine's monstrous grinding dirge, and even that ain't pretty. Crushing and hypnotic and chaotic, a rotting noise rock behemoth plowing through walls of trippy electronic effects and spitting out bits of super-catchy melodic leads, and powered by a massive breakbeat-like groove. Awesome!

On the flipside, "We Are All Fucking Liars" features a monstrous spartan dubstep dirge, big booming dubbed out drums and metallic bass grinding beneath wide spaces of eerie dystopian ambience and spacey effects, while extremely distorted vocals roar over top. The stuttering, sputtering beats are punishing, like a more modern, dubstep interpretation of what Broadrick was doing on Songs Of Love And Hate In Dub, but with massive damaged riffs and weird droning vocals, veering from hypnotic groove to full-on blown-out bass apocalypse. Oh man, I can't wait to get my hands on the album!

This limited-edition teaser comes in a white DJ-style plain white 12" jacket with a sticker stuck on the upper right corner.

Track Samples:
Sample : GREYMACHINE-Vultures Descend
Sample : GREYMACHINE-Vultures Descend