MECHANICAL CHILDREN  Blue Mouth  CDR   (Blackest Rainbow)   9.98

A re-issued disc from this offshoot from the mysterious British drone-ritual collective Jazzfinger, Blue Mouth is one of the few released from the duo of Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan under the Mechanical Children name. The original first edition came out in an oversized LP-style jacket and sold out soon after it's release, so Blackest Rainbow brought it back out in a small second run of 140 copies in a smaller parchment sleeve with the exact same weirdo collage artwork from David Payne of Fossils. Soundwise, there's some obvious connections between Mechanical Children's dark industrial ooze and the shadowy drone n' clatter improvisations of the 'Finger, mainly in the deep cloudbanks of distorted metallic guitar-fug and squealing feedback that enshroud these two lengthy jams, but here the duo rakes the doomy amp-roar over a scraggly industrial wasteland that heads off into a thumping scrapyard nightmare closer to Wolf Eyes territory. The first track "Starlight For The Beatle" is almost cheery, with a richly melodic riff blasting out of tinny speaker through a wall of rumbling amplifier sludge and buzzing instrument cables, revealing an almost poppy hook beneath the layers of squealing electricity and aural crud, but when they lurch into the following track "Dragonflies Dream", things get mucho darker, with squalls of grimy guitar noise and crushing amp-generated sinewaves creeping over blurts of busted drum-machine rhythm that clack and pound erratically like rusted wheezing machinery buried under three feet of scrap metal, creating a heavy, putrid, low-fi industrial dirge somewhere in between Wolf Eyes and Total and the blasted occult buzzstorms of Jazzfinger.

Track Samples: