VARIOUS ARTISTS  Economised  CD   (Manifold)   11.98

A monstrous collection of crushing DarkHop, evil atmospheres and frenetic d&b sickness! This hard-hitting first release from Manifold's new sub-label, Economy Records, focuses on the dark drum & bass, ambient sound that's been the backbone of what is a currently under-published scene. Economi$ed gathers an assortment of styles, but manages to retain that flavorful, fast flow from one track to another, beginning to end, with very off-kilter, heavy beats and merciless background atmospheres with an unpredictability coursing through them. Features all-exclusive, unreleased tracks by Quoit, Cylon, Ocosi, Su8m3rg3d, Totemplow, Gone Postal, PCM, Mothboy, Blankmove, Nos, and Otraslab. Cylon is Justin Broadrick's (GODFLESH / JESU / TECHNO ANIMAL) project, he contributes two pieces, a lengthy original, and a remix of Quoits 'Plug 8'. Totemplow remixes Quoits 'Off'. Not just a label sampler, as all the tracks are previously unreleased!!! Economise now!